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I went during the summer and it was a beautiful yet long hike. The two lakes at the end are worth it. There are boulders towards the end of the hike. We brought our puppy and had to carry him while passing through the boulders. I highly recommend this hike.

Easy little one mile walk to the fall Woodside Trail going down to the actual fall. beautiful all year.

was a great easy trail even in the winter.

really pretty, fairly easy hike through gorgeous tall trees. although it may not be so easy for older/unfit people because it does have some incline.

If you live here this trail is a must. Beautiful scenery most of the trail. Careful if you are trying to cross the bolder field in the winter, very difficult to see the trail and to not fall through holes. But loved this hike!

Very easy trail, very popular so there will be a lot of people usually on this trail.

Awesome, gorgeous, mostly flat trail. You can definitely take a bike on it. If you're good at IDing mushrooms, there are plenty to take home along the trail when they're in season.

1 month ago

Great as a loop hike through the ballpark.

1 month ago

Super pretty trail. The tram that goes above the river is awesome

Beautiful trail

cross country skiing
2 months ago

cross country skiing
2 months ago