Photos of Chena Lakes Recreation Area Trails

I have been wanting to do this hike for the past 2 years and was finally able to do it the end of September. I am so thrilled (to this day) that we did this hike! It was beautiful!!! My husband and I did this hike in 8 hours! Total miles tracked on our watches was 16.3 miles round trip (started in parking lot), we did get side tracked (lost) a couple times.
I am not in super great shape but I do love my hikes; it's a total heart thumper going up! I still don't know how we did 16 miles in 8 hours.
In the beginning of the trail, we thought the bridge was out, going to the left in the beginning, but we stuck to it and it wasn't closed off (even though there was a little sign/post saying it was). The markers around the 8-9 mile mark started getting a little sparse but we followed the inukshuks that we saw and they got us to the shelter, around mid point. It's not a huge shelter but it's good for a break from cold weather! I had originally thought there were only 6-7 Tors on this hike, OOOH MY GOODNESS was I wrong!!!! They were everywhere along the top! I wish we could have camped out up there, to check them all out, but time didn't permit. I really felt like we were on a completely different planet and the mountain views were amazing.
The trip down, we got a bit lost. The sign in the middle of the last flat area was turned around so we walked past it, thinking it was just the sign for the people coming up on that side. Again, going down, the markers were sparse and some were hidden pretty well but we made it out of there!!!!
I will definitely do this trip again!!! I think it is totally worth the time to try, if you're in the Fairbanks area.