Wind Creek State Park spans 1,445 acres along the shores of scenic Lake Martin, a 41,000-acre clear-water reservoir perfect for fishing, swimming and boating. Wind Creek boasts the largest state-operated campground in the United States with 626 sites. One hundred eighty-seven sites are waterfront, allowing for fishing, swimming, and boating. Other facilities include a marina, camp store, fishing pier, hiking trails, playground and picnic areas with tables, grills and shelters. There are bath houses throughout the campgrounds, and facilities for laundry. Seven camping cabins are now open to the public

9 days ago

Okay I hiked this particular trail today specifically so I can write a review for it since it had none. let me start by saying that this Trail is located in Wind Creek State Park so be prepared to pay the $5 entrance fee. There is an actually very clean bathroom located in a building in the parking lot where the trailhead is so that's a bonus. This is rated as a moderate hike on the app and I would say it's on the easy side of moderate. The trail itself is very wide. This is a wooded trail. If you like walking in the woods, this is for you. There are some steep inclines but nothing particularly difficult. There are no breath taking views on this. There are a couple of running creeks. There is a horse camp nearby and this trail can be used by horses. I did not see any today but there is evidence of recent use. I add this because if you hike with dogs like I do, make sure it's a dog that is potentially prepared to encounter a horse and rider.
The biggest downside to this trail is the marking of it..IS it marked? Oh's marked like a bowl of Lucky Charms..if you are intent on THIS trail... follow red..I can't say blazes because there are pieces of red plastic stapled to trees, sometimes that plastic rope you tie around trees, sometimes rebar pounded into the ground with red on it (and other colors) follow red or what appears to be red. However..this is not an easy trail to follow. I STRONGLY URGE you to download the All Trails App and do the recording. There were two or three times that I had to back track using only the app to figure out where the heck I was going. Thank you all trails. So..will you be able to follow 'a trail' ...yes...a trail is easy to it THE trail you intend....maybe....maybe not. Last thing particularly to add is there is a portion that crosses a major road so if you have kids or dogs be aware that not far into the trail so the two and 4 leggers aren't to far ahead and don't get hit. This trail is dog friendly.