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Took my husband and myself the 11-year-old and five-year-old and a two-year-old and we all had fun. Had to take two-year-old part of the way on our back but was doable..

6 days ago

Super Easy to get to. Black waters were safe, questionable but safe.

It is dirty there. People don’t take care of the place so you’ll see trash around. I walked on the trail and saw a ton of alcohol cans and boxes and McDonalds in the trees.

I can’t believe anyone would give this less than a five.I have hiked in many places.Great Hike and ends in awesome waterfall.Trails are not marked at all,but if you follow the Creek you can not get lost.If you live in Alabama it is a must do.Not hard other a few downed trees.

13 days ago

Beautiful place but amount of clothes and trash everywhere is disturbing. There no place to really park. The gravel/dirt road is just a little wider.

15 days ago

awesome place!

17 days ago

I love this spot. its not a hard walk and not hard to fine. The path follows the small river. Just watch for the path to the left 1.6 miles You can pass it Easy hike

Not much of a hike but this is a great swimming hole. I went on Sunday, July 29 and there were quite a few people there. There are ledges where you can fling yourself into the water. The water is cold and clear.

I hiked in to the falls on July 29. The first mile or so is a logging road. Then you have a sandy trek through the woods. The last bit down to the water is quite steep. The falls are lovely and there is a nice swimming hole. The parking area is quite small.

20 days ago

Awesome views. Found it very easy to stay on trail. Dogs loved being able to jot down to the water. There were plenty of places to wade with flat, sand water entry. Was not expecting leeches in the waterfall pool...watch out when wading

Super fun swimming hole and great place to jump of a cliff

27 days ago

Note that the road to the trailhead turns from asphalt to gravel and after a rain, can contain significant ruts. I took my RV and had to back out of the area for about 200 feet in order to turn around.

Love the waterfall! There’s a place to swim and you can go behind the water fall! You can also jump off the top of the waterfall into the water below. There’s plenty of places to sit and relax. Only thing I can say is it’s rough to get down there....especially if you have small children. You have to be extremely careful going down and up. Can’t wait to go back when my kids are a bit older!

29 days ago

Beautiful spot.

nature trips
1 month ago

Beautiful waterfall and surrounding river area. Getting to the river from the road is a little steep and rocky and very slippery. I was glad we packed light and had water shoes. Nice beach spot to eat lunch. Got there at 11 AM on a Wednesday and had the place to ourselves for about an hour.

6-25-18. Trail closed. Logging operation in progress.

Still closed 6/24/18... haven’t been able to hike it yet

some of the markers where hard to see and I walked 2 miles past my turn so had to turn around and go back but in all a great place to hike.

I have yet to hike this trail. Went today (6-21/18) and the trail was closed to the public. I’m not sure if some of it was washed out but that’s what it looked like. Just a heads up! Gonna try again in a few weeks.

1 month ago

This route seems to have been created before the 2011 Super Outbreak that damaged/caused a few trails to be closed. A few of the trails this route suggests aren't on the trial map anymore. Trail 209 at route mile 19 no longer splits into 2 trails. A better option would be to jump on trail 207 at route mile 18.

The listed mileage for this route is inaccurate. By the time I had reached route mile 9, my recording was saying mile 11, so be aware. I improvised and went down trail 204, kept right where the trial splits, then left as it splits again onto East Bee Branch Canyon trail. From there I went left onto trail 209 and followed it until it met back up with the original route. This put me at 21 miles total and brought me to 3 separate waterfalls.

This route is best suited for a 3 day weekend, and is not a good over night trip unless you are an experienced backpacker who likes to put in long days.

Water is scare from route mile 8-14 so when you get to the wooden bridge at the County 3 trail head fill up all your bottles. Alternatively, you can hike down trail 204, then keep right when the trail splits to get you to a nice creek/waterfall, but that will add about 2 mile to the loop.

The only reason I'm giving this route 3 starts is due to the mileage being inaccurate, and it leading you to trails that are no longer officially listed. For an over night trip, I'd say this route is difficult, due to the long miles you'd need to put in, but a 2 night trip this hike is moderate.

the falls are a gorgeous cascading stair step, but it was very crowded and there were beer cans strewn in the creek.

I hate to give three stars but the trails are not clearly market. Several trails branch off the main one and it’s easy to get lost. Even using this app we got lost because it shown that we were on track at one moment then it updated and had us way off the trail the next. The scenery was amazing, that’s a five star view!!!! The walk wasn’t hard at all, my 5 yo twins did just fine. We found a rock facing to have a picnic and just enjoyed the view.

Loved the hike. I carried my 5 yo twins and it was a little challenging. We decided to stay to the right of the trail and take the long way around. Took the other route on the way back. I was a little nervous walking up the side of the hill because the trail was so close to the edge. Just made sure I had a firm grip on the twins until we made it up. It’s a simple walk for the most part. The water fall was breathtaking. We will definitely hike this trail again.

2 months ago

It was a good hike. The scenery is beautiful. Downside is that the trail markers are not the greatest. It’s easy in a few spots to get lost. Our group ended up going an extra mile out of the way before we got back on the trail. Overall though was worth it.

scenic driving
3 months ago

Always one of my favorite places I can capture some great images up there.

Nice little hike. Very up and down, but not hard at all until you can hear the water where it drops down to the waterfall. So the hike out can be tough if you aren’t fit.

Always a favorite peaceful place and a good swimming hole for the kids in the summer.

4 months ago

Falls are right off road. I imagine this place is crowded in the summer. Volunteer group was there cleaning up trash...it's too easy to get to honestly.

beautiful place. the falls are great!

4 months ago

Hiked this trail this April. We did the loop in about 3 days camping along the way. We went south starting at the Thompson Trail head and had a blast. There were a lot of campsites (few if none followed the 200 feet from trail/river rule). We also took a trail that only showed up on the view ranger app from the short jaunt on trail 204 on this map cutting southwest back to the Thompson Trail head. It was a bit harder to follow but also the coolest part of the trip.

I hiked this with my two boys (6 and 9) and we had a blast. The hike down to the falls was easy, back up it's steap but they ran up it most of the way. The falls were beautiful and we had a lot of fun hiking off trail around the area, mostly following the stream and skipping rocks.

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