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Hike to Needles Eye is good and easy. Beware that wild hogs are in the area and carry a virus that is fatal to dogs, so keep them on a leash. Area around the eye is amazing with great camping sites by the creeks, especially on the backside of the eye. The marked trail on this map crosses the creek near needles eye, but we found it hugs the creek looping around to other side of needles eye. For the couple asking where needles eye is... it's up the bluff behind the big boulders where you told us the great camping sites were.

Easy walk most of the way. The last couple of hundred yards down to the falls are relatively steep and could be taxing on the return to those with breathing difficulties without stopping to rest a couple of times. A rudimentary sign on the north side of County Road 2 marks the trail head and there is ample parking space along that side of the road. We went on Labor Day weekend and there were about a dozen cars parked there. The intersecting trail that parallels the south side of Caney Creek is narrow, with some steep drop-offs, so be careful there. I suspect that after a rain, footing on this trail segment could be slippery. The water in the pool below the falls is clear and inviting, but will be too cool for some folks.Lovely woods! Watch for the bigleaf magnolia trees; you will know them when you see them. All in all, a very nice short hike!

18 days ago

This is a super easy hike right off the road. The waterfall is beautiful, and you can tell people have been sliding down it. There is a rope tied to the side of the waterfall. However, there is a lot of trash including a used diaper. I don't know what is wrong with people trashing up such a beautiful place. If I lived near there I would try to keep the place clean, but I am 3 hours away.

This is a beautiful waterfall you can walk behind. The hike is only strenuous at the very end. There are potential places to camp along the trail, but you would have to make your own spot.

Very pleasant hike with a refreshing destination (waterfall & rock formations). Got some good pics & the water was nice.

1 month ago

disgusted that such a potentially gorgeous area can be riddled with ridiculous amounts of trash

First hike and it was a success! very scenic, awesome first hike spot. bring some swim trunks because the pool under the falls was about chest-deep.

water is pretty, clear and cold. definitely not a place to take small children. it's very rocky and takes a good bit of climbing to get where u wanna be.

1 month ago

Nice little place, walk down a steep but short trail to get to it. Very slippery rocks, so be careful with little ones. The rock slide is neat, and lots of pretty scenery. I brought a float and just floated, but there are cliffs to jump off of.

Nice hike, beautiful scenery. Easy enough to bring kids along.

Don't try to get to the trail via 7. The road ends and is actually an old horse trail. we ended up hiking for three miles out and three back on the horse trail because of the directions not being accurate.

A little steep at the end while carrying my 1 year old, but totally doable and so worth it!

I took my dog yesterday and we had a good time. Popular place for teenagers and young adults. You can ride down the waterfall on a float or jump into the water off a cliff. There's a lot of rocks so it can be difficult to navigate both in and out of the water.

Beautiful but crowded