Very easy trail and very relaxing but not much to see.

4 months ago

This trail is ok, but nothing special really. Most of the loop trail is on gravel roads basically (albeit historical gravel roads). The few sightseeing highlights are the furnaces, the creek views and the slave cemetery. Trail is easy. There are many other trails at Tannehill also, some perhaps shorter but more interesting. This is kind of a large loop around the perimeter of the park. Did enjoy the labeling of all the various tree species on the first section.

I live close by and hike here often.

my wife and I had a great time lots to do and see.

Loved this trail. Lots to see on it

Took a nice hour and a half walk around the park. There were a lot of people around the river in the center of the park and in the campgrounds but the trails were not over crowded. It looks like they are doing a lot of expansion with their bike trails, B.U.M.P seems to be sponsoring it. Lots of historical buildings and sites to see. They did have a mineral and gem event going on as well as craft cabins running. Looks like a lot to do for a family with kids! There is a entrance fee: $5 adults, $4 seniors, and Children 6-11 $3.

It's a Thursday so there were very few people there. I took my dog through the Cemetery Trail and out through the Slave Quarters a total of about 3 miles. Really easy. The trails are not well marked but most of them are connected in a loop back to the same starting place. The river was very pretty. More of a stroll but it was nice.

Nice park for camping and day hiking.

Nice park for a weekend. We always enjoy bringing the camper here.

Nice day hike. Lots to look at and do at the park.

mountain biking
1 year ago

This is descriptive of the outermost wide trail. There are other multiple singletrack, bidirectional trails for hiking/mountain biking within the outermost trail that are far more fun.

Love this trail. It's easy to navigate and we have been back several times.

Tennehill Ironworks is a fantastic park! But the trails really need updating. It was very difficult to figure out where you were. Really read the map and have a good sense of the park before taking on the trails.

trail running
4 years ago

Never found a trailhead. Signage not very good. Singletrack was in good shape.

mountain biking
5 years ago

We went after reading about the local bike club creating a new single track around the wide loop of the old hiking/biking path. When we got there, no one had a trail map and only one Ranger knew where the trail head was. Once we got on the trail we lost the single track due zero markings. We had a blast making our own route but ended up sticking to the wide old loop for most of it. As we came across single track we would take it, but without a map or markings it was very hard to follow. The hills are steep and straight up but the downhills make up for it, the only problem is that you are sharing the road with hikers and there are blind curves so you have to moderate speed and bring a cowbell.