Trail is closed!!!! We just walked along the paved road since we made the drive.

10 days ago

Great, easy hike. Well traveled. Pretty waterfall, well worth the hike. Keep an Atari out for snakes.

11 days ago

The trail was great today. Maybe a little muddy due to the recent rain. but that made the falls flow better. There was one spot that was a bit confusing shortly after the trail started. I think it was due to the whole area being muddy so the trail wasnt visible. we spotted a trail up to the left and went for it. That was it. no real trail markers to speak of but you really dont need them.

Great trail along shoal creek for 1.7 then intermittently along a spring until the lake. Sweetwater is only 2.4 from Pine Glen, the map shows the trail going to Coleman lake (4 more miles). Between Sweetwater and Coleman is Laurel Trail Shelter and Shoal Creek Log Cabin Church and cemetery (circa1890). Coleman lake has a great loop trail. Boat launch at both lakes. 6.4 is accurate from Pine Glen to Coleman. (One way)

we use Coldwater for hiking, and we take our dog (on the leash). bomb-dog loop took us 4:55, with some breaks to drink and enjoy the quietness and view.

This trail was pretty easy walk but I only covered a little over 4 miles of the 8 plus miles. It was way too hot today plus I got a late start. Overall the trail was fairly easy walk, trail is well marked and maintained very well. I certainly wouldn’t classify as rocky compared to other trails in the area which are many times more rocky. There are a few recent trees that have fallen over the path but easy to get around. I didn’t meet anyone else on the trail today which is rare. Usually in the area I always meet a few folks. As someone else stated there’s not any water until about the 3rd mile, it’s actually a river crossing on the section of the trail that hits a gravel road.

on Cheaha Falls

1 month ago

Loved the trail——so many hydrangea and wild foxglove blooming. Our 2 Cavalier spaniels had no trouble navigating the ups and downs of the trail and loved the reward at the end——cool water to swim in and rocks to bathe on.

Great trail. fantastic views

on Cheaha Falls

1 month ago

Trail was not marked well. A bit overgrown in areas- but we took a wrong turn and had to find our way back to trail, short easy walk overall. There is dirt road people were parked .5 miles from falls- if you wanted a quicker way to falls. Falls were nice.. Little area you can swim but it was kinda crowded. Several tents pitched nearby.

Well maintained trail, easy to follow. 1st 6 miles is woods trail. Then a few GREAT overlooks. Gravel county road runs alongside nearly entire length. Getting to the fire tower was much easier than I made it out to be. I bush whacked a bit but I should’ve just did a switchback at the power-line and walked uphill to it. ZERO water on trail (May) 19.5 miles Trail was easy, length makes it upper moderate.

Cover trail today although tut was quite warm in the afternoon but the walk/trail was great, we’ll marked and clear. Just a few blow downs across the trail. Met very few people, the lake was interesting. Saw Turkey, Chipmunk, squirrels and saw signs of deer and I believe hogs. I would certainly do again but a little earlier in the day.

1 month ago

Super fun. More challenging than expected, and definitely hard to follow in some places (I really enjoy that “wild” feeling though). Would definitely recommend. For a 2 or 3 day trip.

Absolutely beautiful. Well maintained, perfect for dogs. Bring your swimsuit !

Great trail. Beautiful and easy to follow. Went in about 2.2 miles with baby and backpack in tow.

great hike. we enjoyed it a lot. there are several trees down but you can easily go around them .

The trail was good it was clear. We was not sure how we were going to Morgan lake and the waterfalls. We crossed back over the highway and took the trail that way it was a good day didn't meet anybody but one person.

Great trail. Very shady and a few trees down but it’s easy to move around. The rock bridge was very beautiful. Good hike.

Awesome trail.... walk it several times a week

We drove down the dirt road to the signboard at the trailhead. We only hiked in about 3 miles and then hiked back out. There was a little bit of blowdown across the trail but generally the trail was in good conditions. No water along this section. Also bugs/spider webs weren’t a problem.

Wide trail that looks like it was once a dirt road. Very pretty but a couple of downed trees that you have to go around although others have made a new trail around them. The bridge and water at the end make the trail worth it. Especially now with all the rain the water is up.

a lot of trees down

Great quiet trail, but I think there is a possibility I lost my wallet on it last Sunday 4/5. If you find it, please email

Description indicates 7.2 miles but the displayed recording is only 5 miles round trip as stated by another reviewer. It is the Pinhoti so you’re certainly not going to dead end anytime soon. I did 4 miles out for an 8 mile round-trip. At this distance I would consider the trail moderate, as you are trekking some semi-serious inclines on the way back out. I came upon an occupied campsite, a small group of backpackers on the trail and a person fishing at the lake on my return. I hike alone so it’s always nice to see other signs of life when I’m in the wilderness! The waterfall in the pics is at the very beginning so the remainder of the hike could be considered somewhat anti-climatic, unless like myself, your favorite place to be is in the woods. Ultimately, a peaceful, vigorous at times, very enjoyable walk in the woods.

3 months ago

Fun trail. About a mile to the falls. There was a tree down on the path but easy to follow. Once you get to the water the trail fans out with a few ways to the water but it gets steep at that point. With all the rain the falls were flowing well and the pool at the bottom was full. And with all the shut downs with the pandemic lots of foot traffic with people hiking now.

Amazing and beautiful trail. Definitely family friendly. Fun times at the bridge.

had a great time at this park. was very clean. stayed here four days. and hike the trail twice. some great fishing.

Only semi rough part was the mosquitos . But other than that is was fun as always .

3 months ago

Great trail. Really easy to do and there was a very pretty creek and falls. Also, if this is too long for you, there is a road about a mile in that can shorten your hike.

rode the bears loop, moderate is accurate. more rocky than expected but still fun. then rode the blue jump trail. its amazing!!! all downhill FAST . just have someone meet you at the bottom with the truck.

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