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Beautiful falls! Maintenance is needed on the stairs and several downed trees could be cut off the trail to make it better. The trail could be marked better as well. I however really enjoyed myself none the less. I'd definitely visit again.

Great trail for the state of Alabama.

1 month ago

Myself and 3 friends completed this trail counter clockwise over a 7 day period, July 1st-7th. This was my first time backpacking in Alabama and it was a great experience. The trail was marked well, and maintained with the exception of a few spots on the Pinhoti trail. I imagine it's better in spring and fall when trials see more activity. Surprisingly the weather was nice for it being early July. We didn't see many folks outside of July 4th.

As mentioned several times over, the Pinhoti trail has incredible views. Go check them out!

Worst unmarked hike I have ever been on. The scenery was pathetic and because it was unmarked and over grown I see it as a very dangerous mess. I hated this trail.
There wasn't anything beautiful except the falls the very first 1/2 mile. I do not recommend.

This was the worst trail we have ever endured ever, ever, ever. OMG. Get a chain saw and clean this mess up. Even then there are no views. Nothing. The waterfalls the first .50 miles in was it. Do not go past them. Nothing but regret and sliced up legs. No less than 60 down trees etc. ugh!!!!!

1 month ago

Did a 3 day trip with 5 guys the weekend before July 4th. We intended to complete the full 17.7 mile Skyway Loop. We started at Turnipseed and worked clockwise through Pinhoti, Adams Gap, Skyway Trail, back to Chinabee Silent Trail - overall great trip. We did about 8/9 miles on day one to get a jump start on the weekend, then about 4 miles on each of our last days to make it an easy going way out.

Great scenery and some really nice views once we hit Pinhoti. Devils Den was really nice - moderately filled with people coming in and out just to jump in the water. A few had ice chests, but overall not many backpackers. We setup our hammocks alongside the creek about 1/4 mile shy of Devils Den which made for a peaceful evening. On the final day out we did lose the Trail about a mile or so before we got back to the truck... some kind of way we hit the shelter twice toward the end? That aside, the trail, for the most part, was marked well throughout, with the exception to the Chinabee Silent Trail where we started (Rock Garden Area) near Turnipseed. But, certainly nothing overbearing.

Overall great trip!

Awesome trail! Went about 2.5 miles down the right hand trail from the trail head before heading back and camping at the first sight by the trail sign and the huge rock face.

Great hike. Well marked, lost trail twice but easily regained. I recommend using the Forest Service map. Come prepared with hiking boots and two Nalgene bottles of water. There is a LOT of rock on this trail and you can easily turn an ankle or worse without ankle supporting boots. I did this in one day, but would do again in two. Many good campsites after Adam's Gap on the way to the state park. Stay on Pinhoti Trail until Hwy 281 as the trail head is further down from the park. You will have to hike left up 281 either way to reach the Cheaha State Park.

I grew up in Chandler Springs near this trail and have hiked it many times. It is not blazed as well as it should be, but the trail is easy to follow. The best time to hike it in my opinion is the fall when the leaves change. The views at the top of the gap are awesome and worth the tough climb.

2 months ago

Started out from Adams Gap headed counter-clockwise on Saturday around noon. We hiked around 8 miles on Saturday and Sunday and finished the hike early Monday.

There are several pools around Cheha Falls for swimming. Devil's Den was pretty crowded and there was a good amount of trash (mainly beer cans...). The Skyway trail could be marked better. The connection to the trail was tough to find and we completely lost the trail around the Hubbard Creek crossing. Nice hike though, moderately difficult in certain areas.

2 months ago

Hiked the Pin-Chin-Sky loop with a friend, started out on the Pinhoti from the Adams Gap TH - too late on a rainy Friday afternoon - and just made it to the base of the Stairway in the dark, in the rain. Glad we had fresh legs the next morning (first trip of the season) for the Stairway! Beautiful trails, especially the last portion of Chinnabee that parallels the creek. Overnighted near Devil's Den and finished with Skyway on the next day. Overall a very good hike, some scrambling, and yes we missed the sign for the Chin-Sky connection and turned around at Lake Chinnabee, LOL! I get it with "no blazes in the wilderness", but there were places on the Pinhoti that really should be marked better, i.e, especially in the rock gardens.