I gave this a good review because of the vertical pit in the area. I have not seen a trail anywhere labeled as Stephens gap. but there is a nice cave back there. But people need to be careful or they could fall over 100 feet onto nothing but breakdown and boulders. It's a decent walk back to it.

great place to spend day exploring and relaxing. Rocky and slippery but awesome

More direct link for permit online. ^^; https://permits.scci.org/

Beautiful trail but leans toward the moderate side if you’re not real sure footed. Cave and sink hole were fantastic!

Great hike with a nice reward. Very hard to find, print your directions before you go, cell service is non-existent.

Does anybody know the best time of day this time of year to get photos inside the cave on the pedestal?

5 months ago

Stunning view from inside the cave. Great for spelunking. Get your permit from SCCi.org first.

did this trail back in May , nice trail watch out for ticks.......ugghhh...... rappeled the cave 145ish feet.......almost all vertical........met some cool locals.....thanks for letting me use your ropes........! make sure you got your permits......you need them to rap the cave......"scci"

Best time to see a waterfall is when the water is flowing. However most of the "trail" here is simply bare earth/rock where water channelizes to flow down to the creek. If you're gonna do this trail, BRING DRY SHOES TO CHANGE INTO. It rained on us while we were there and we walked through flowing water the majority of the time. There are also some creek crossings you will have to do. The trail is marked with yellow blazes. They're pretty easy to spot but the lower portion of the trail could be marked a little better. There's some tape on tree branches that help but there are so many little flow ways that look like channels that we took the wrong route once or twice. We saw some pink flags leading us up the hillside when we got close to the cave/waterfall and then caught back up with the yellow blazes.

The waterfall and cave is very cool. If you're looking at the waterfall, the cave entrance is to your left. It is fairly easy to climb down. It is mostly rock though and they can get pretty slippery when wet. The view from the pedestal inside the cave is cool but the climb down is a little risky, ESPECIALLY when there is water flowing over the rocks. If you're gonna do it, make sure you have a buddy help you up/down. It isn't worth falling to your death. Look for rocks to hold onto as well when you climb to/from the pedestal.

This is a great hike. Short, easy, and the cave/waterfall are totally worth it. Kids would love it but be careful with them. I wish I could give it 4.5 stars but I can't do I will give it 4 stars because of what I mentioned above.