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Truly majestic! We went a mile up stream from the falls and found an old old man made dame and old Forrest signs grown into the trees. A great hike all around.

10 days ago

The trail was easygoing for about a mile, but then there were some tricky spots. I would not recommend this trail for the very young or the elderly. Some climbing experience is helpful.

I hiked about 2.5 miles of the trail (trail #200) yesterday from south to north, starting at the Sipsey trailhead and thought it was a great hike. The bluffs and outcroppings were magnificent and one could easily visualize our native Americans, and peoples before, using the area for shelter and subsistence.

I hiked the 209 at the cranal road outside parking lot .... i wasnt sure if you were suppose to pay 3 bucks to park there or if only to cross the wooden bridge and use that lot ...... any ways it follows it the creek for little bit then curves in to some bluff walls with a small water fall or 2 then goes back to the creek ...... it was moderate id say........ i saw a dead copperhead someone was kind enough to lay right where you would reach to grab the rock for support

14 days ago

beautiful place. Trail is no more than a foot path. a few small falls before get to the main falls.

Great loop trail with the infamous Big Tree at the end. Plenty of places to camp along the way and some very gorgeous scenery.

If someone has mentioned this trail crosses Borden Creek I missed it, and after all the spring rains, it was a hazardous crossing.

This area was great. While most of our day was off trail, exploring other areas, we did find quite a few cool things both on the trail and off. We are planning to return again soon, to hike farther and find more cool things.

Awesome place you need to see it

Had a great time today with my family. Beautiful waterfalls.

1 month ago

Nice waterfalls, particularly after some rain. Stair step waterfalls down to creek.

1 month ago

I hiked this with my two boys (6 and 9) and it was awesome. The hike to the waterfalls was pretty easy. The are some cool trees to look at. There were a lot of thorny plants on the path, so I recommend wearing pants. Once we got to the waterfalls we hiked down them and crossed the stream in several places. It was a very beautiful hike. The most fun was off trail hiking along the falls.

1 month ago

This was such a beautiful hike! The first part is through some pines and not all that spectacular. Then you hear the water and the entire scenery changes into this magical place!

We started to take our dog, but we are glad we didn’t. He is older and this would have been very challenging on him, but a younger, energetic dog would have loved it.

had a great hike loved passing through the cave

This is a great hike. We hiked it with 5 children ages 9 and 7. Going north we walked right side of creek. Kids liked going through the cave. I climbed up and over. once to the bridge we crossed over and came south on the opposite side of creek. Keeping it changed up so the kids didn't have to back track and possibly bored. Crossed over the creek to get back on original trail. great beginner trail and the children did great.

easy trail ... Beautiful waterfalls... when you reach creek cross over and pickup the trail to the right... follow it to Parker falls

Really enjoyed the trail, definitely get a map at a near gas station since the place is easy to get lost in, a compass would also be useful.

2 months ago

This is a wonderful hike with a beautiful creek on one side and a great rock face to the other side. The "cave" can be a challenge for folks carrying a large pack (it will have to be removed) and anyone who has a little bit to their midsection might have a tough time getting through. It is a fun hike that has the potential of being made into a longer over-night trip by linking up with other trails in the Sipsey area.

Beware: the trails are not well defined and you will need a map in order to stay in the right direction. It is easy to get lost in Sipsey, so be sure to have solid directions.

2 months ago

pictures can not describe this place.
You have to see it in person.

Good hike, my 2 year old survived it. Good trail, great scenery. Multiple waterfalls.

3 months ago

Awesome Hike - This is a time lapse video of the trail. https://youtu.be/67d7TPIaW1Q

enjoyed this trail 2 old graveyards and waterfall at the bottom to the right of trail.... it was frozen when I went it was beautiful

4 months ago

Great short hike.

4 months ago

the trail itself is easy I would recommend if you have young children to key a good eye on them. the trail once it gets to the first falls is right next to a pretty good drop off but after that it's easy hiking to the big falls. the main trail itself going to the falls is a breeze and breathtaking once you get to the hemlocks. my only complaint is the directions from the app don't take you to the trail head so I would recommend going with someone that knows the area. if that's not a option the trail has a pull in spot on the right hand side and is about a quarter mile before you get to kinlock falls. hope this helps

4 months ago

Well-worn path with just a few trees over the trail. This trail is unremarkable for the first half-mile or so, then the forest just explodes with hemlock as you descend a short distance to a small but impressive waterfall. Where the 2nd waterfall flows into a 2nd stream, follow that stream upstream a short distance to beautiful Parker Falls. There were a few photographers already at the falls this chilly morn when I arrived. The water was flowing great over the rocks.

The only thing that detracted from the hike was that it looked like the camping section at Wal-Mart had exploded very near the trail. A breadcrumb of straps, Ozark Trail camping gear packaging, cheap broken saws, water bottles, and even a full size grill littered the path to the falls. I will pack out as much as I can on the way out.

Excellent write up for this hike: it was just as described. I hiked it today (Christmas Eve) and only passed two other hikers the entire time. I started at the southern end, paid my fee, and set off with my pup. Fellow hikers left a nice message on the trail (see pics). This is an easy hike with lots of nice views, outcroppings, and waterfalls.

We started at the southern end and hiked north. The southern end parking is a fee area of $5. Great for kids and beginning hikers. No steep long hills to climb. My 8 year old hiked it with a day pack. He was wore out and said his feet were sore at the end. He is used to hiking. We hiked north and then back. I kept him on track and was trying to be quick heading north. My GPS showed 2.88 miles. On the way back I let him play and we took some side detours. My GPS showed 3.44 miles on the way back. For a total of 6.32 miles. I can't see the round trip being 5 miles especially with any stops. Also if you start at the north end of the trail as the "Getting There" directs you, parking is about 0.5 miles (according to google earth) from the trail head. Making the hike even longer. We saw many people on the trail. It was a Saturday. I am planning on bringing my younger son and hiking it one way. He loved the rock bluffs and overhangs. It would be a great place to let the kids wade in the water in the summer.

Trail was not difficuult but nice wooded trail in the sipsey wilderness. The trail appeared to be well traveled but only say 2 hikers on the trip. it is a point to point trail but you can fork off on trail number 207 easily if you want to make it a longer hike. The creek was in view for most of the hike with rock cliffs and caves a long the way. We hiked in early November and the weather was gorgeous!

The first 2 miles is following an old logging or forestry road to the canyon. Fairly uninspiring except for the old cemetery along the way. it is well kept with many hand carved stones from the 1800's. Once into the canyon, there is a creek crossing to intersect with 209. if the water is very low, one may be able to step stones across, otherwise, wading will be required here. Very scenic once in the canyon.

Be sure to note that the little leg back to 201 where 209 intersects with 206 is an unmarked creek crossing. there is currently (11/09/17) a smallish log spanning the creek. thin and very wobbly. Be very careful crossing!

7 months ago

One of my favorite camping places. Easy enough that I have taken my 5 year old niece camping off the trail.

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