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The waterfalls at the end was very nice, but the trail is not marked at all. There is nothing at the road saying that you're at Parker Falls Trail, and there are no blazes on the trail. Luckily we met two hikers on the trail who knew the area. They told us to keep climbing down when we got to a small creek and then keep right at the bottom of that. The cell signal in the area is very weak so you may want a GPS to help you find the trailhead. Overall very nice hike and beautiful waterfalls!

I saw the two cemeteries, but no building or remains of buildings at all. this was a nice trail.

1 month ago

Nice hike. Pass two historic church sites with two cemeteries. Easy to follow trail that ends at the river. One waterfall on the way, probably seasonal.

Fun and easy trail. Brought our dog and we all enjoyed the hike and falls!

1 month ago

Don't use this trail if you just want to see the Big Tree...

The name is misleading. There are easier ways to get to the big tree and if you follow the app, you will pass it (the app takes you about two miles past the tree, the trail forks at 204- if you follow the app, it'll take you left, but you need to go right to find the tree). The first several miles are horse trails, and not very scenic- fine if you just want the exercise, but after talking to locals, there are better ways to get to the tree.

One of the prettiest places I have ever been to. So many waterfalls and cascades packed into one area.

Fun trail. Good rock structures.

Fun trail. Good rock structures.

Very peaceful area!

3 months ago

Great hike, plenty to look at and some minor obstacles such as through a cave and crossing a small stream.