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Great hike, plenty to look at and some minor obstacles such as through a cave and crossing a small stream.

We parked at the Randolf Trailhead and took 201 and 206. 201 was super easy except for all the downed trees in the past. These made for great resting spots to sit and eat. We were recommended to do these particular trails. It was supposed to rain and we were a bit worried about that but thank goodness it never did! It was pretty windy though and the trees were creaky and swaying which put our party of 4 on edge. We saw several hikers heading back towards the trailhead on our way in, many with dogs. It was pretty easy until we came to a fork in the trail right after the intersection for 206 / 201 / 209. 209 was clearly marked but this new split was not. We took a right since it seemed more open but there were so many downed trees we felt we were going the wrong way. So we turned around and took the much more narrow past to the left. This led us down the mountain. It was pretty tough and you had to "slide" down boulders on a few spots down. This made for a tricky situation when we came back up. We made it to the bottom and finally saw water! We were so excited we camped at the first stop there was a fire ring at. I woke up extremely sick the next day (turns out I had gotten walking pneumonia) so the 5 1/2 hour hike up the mountain to the truck was not fun for me. But it was beautiful in the bottom and I wish we could have continues on 206 to check out other parts of the river/creek. It was our first camping experience. We've hiked a ton of times but never camped and so many things went wrong gear wise it makes for a pretty epic story now.

Did this trail with some friends years ago and loved it. Lots of climbing and exploring to be done. Can't wait to take my sons back.

As you can probably see, I didn't actually do the trail itself. I explored the opposite side of the road. I crossed the bridge after I parked and explored some of the bluffs past the picnic area. My pace was extremely slow due to climbing around so much. The opposite side of the river has some bluffs I'd like to get to some other time. If you don't mind going off the beaten path, you won't mind it. There is somewhat of a trail to follow both along the bluffs as well as beside the river. I met one other couple on this south side of Cranal Rd as I was coming out. This whole area has plenty of sights to see. Can't wait to go back.

Took my wife and son out on this trail after the rains this past weekend. There's a bunch of waterfalls to see after the rains. My son loved the fat man squeeze part.

5 months ago

Love this place. I take beginners here because of the ease and the scenery. If you pick this place to backpack/hike for the first time you will find a love for the outdoors

Great place we parked at Borden creek trail head and hiked up 224 it was the most boring trail we encountered nothing but scrubby brush and boring trail... We then turned left on 204 which was much nicer hardwood timber but nothing extraordinary until we come out ontop of the waterfall (dry right now) close to the giant poplar tree it was awesome. We then continued down 209 there was much to see along it following the river we made camp right after we past the turn off for 202 we woke up the next morning and hiked down to 200 and followed it encountering a cave you had to crawl through on the trail to continue. 200 carried us right back to our starting point. I don't know how many miles we did but we hiked a total of 11.5 hrs

5 months ago

Unique geological features everywhere and the biggest poplar in the region. Sipsey wilderness is a great destination, be sure to carry a map and gps if you aren't a local. The trails are marked at the parking lots, but don't count on many, if any trail signs on the interior. Chiggers and ticks are prevalent in the warm months so be sure to use repellant. Best destinations are ship rock and big tree. Email me for specific directions or with questions, cheers robert@beckmanapp.com

Awesome scenery!! On one side huge towering cliffs and coves and on the other side the sipsey river!

Might should be rated moderate. First .5 miles pretty steep down hill. So the return when you are tired I s a steep up hill .5 mile trek. The trail was nice, but not much other than nature to see. Lots of use by horses. Trees across trails need to be cleared.

Very fun day !! Great scenery!!!