Took Ridge & Valley trail... continous inclines and declines that are very challenging on legs . Decided to take Crusher trail along the way.

FYI....this is not a easy trail if you're just a beginner hiker. The hike back to the top is a straight incline of over a mile with twists and turns.

moderate trail with a lot of twists. The incline back to the top of the trail will definitely test your legs

Great trial!!!! Love the views. We came on a Sunday and it was pretty crowd, I would recommend coming during the week when there is less people. You have to hike this trial.

One of my new favorite hikes!

Awesome hiking

Super crowded but a great hike with the kids!

awesome hiking experience.

First hike, it was a very physical one. Beautiful views from the overlook. Seemed all up hill both ways lol.