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As Alabama's largest park, Oak Mountain provides 9,940 acres of pine-studded ridges and lush green hardwood bottoms. The park offers vacation cottages, golf, pro shop with snack bar, improved camping, picnicking, swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, mountain bike trails, backpacking, a demonstration farm and horseback riding facilities. With the largest area and variety of outdoor recreational pursuits, Oak Mountain is sure to provide excitement for every member of the family!

Finally did the full loop.
Started at NTH
Went white to Blue
Very nice walk.
The day after a rain, all the streams were
lovely and falls were roaring.

Will do again.

Falls were flowing great today

Beautiful day for this hike. 50 degrees and sunny! Good hike. Nice challenge back up from the falls to parking lot

Great day for a hike. Marked well!!

Great day hiking trail. If you do the loop, it’s a moderate hike. Definitely recommend, especially on a beautiful day!

11 days ago

Great hike. First time on this trail. Marked great!!
Super day.

17 days ago

Great easy hike. Kids loved it!

Fun climbing down to the falls, which were very pretty
Didnt follow this route exactly as the trail markers brought us below the falls. The map looks confusing, but trail is well marked. It is steep climbing down and back up, but it looks like you can just stay above the falls and not travel down. We followed blue and white markers.

Beautiful and a good challenge

mountain biking
21 days ago

A more technical trail than the North Lake Connector, this trail offers a lot of roots, narrow passes between trees, and not a lot of speed. It literally feels like it is uphill both ways. A great workout, without the speed found on the NLC, it makes a great addition to that trail if you are looking for both speed and technical challenges.

My favorite loop in the park! I do this one weekly with my dogs and an occasional kid/wife. Very serene and pretty walking the narrow trail among the pine trees along the ridge on yellow heading towards the glen. The yellow trail down into the glen can be difficult, especially after a rain slickens the groundcover, but the glen is a nice, cozy oasis in the woods for sure. The white trail leading back to the North Trailhead is much less hilly, although, watch your footing leaving the glen on white trail along the creek. It is a bit rocky and precarious for a short while until you get onto the flat, level trail. It is especially nice not having to dive off the trail as mountain bikers fly by - they shouldn’t be on this trail at all.

This is a great trail. Was tenting in backcountry site #4 which has easy access to pitch your tent and get set up then head out on the trails. Started on yellow/white then took white. Did a red on Boulder Ridge which was amazing. Don’t know how bikes can do that one so kudos to anyone whose done it. Not a very well marked trail and almost missed the connecting trails. The white takes you along the ridge and had rough terrain and great views. I took the yellow down to Tranquility Lake. Hiked a total of 9 miles with the last 2.5 in the dark using a flashlight. No moonlight as it was cloudy. Tranquility Lake in the dark of night was breathtaking and peaceful. Took time to just sit and enjoy the night sounds with the glow of the cabins across the lake. I hate that I missed the scenery following the trail along the lake so guess I’ll have to just do it again. Picked up on the Orange trail back to my tent. Highly recommend spending a few nights tenting in backcountry. Tent site #2 looked like a great spot and was close to the lake. It is a bit of a hike to that location but plan on renting that site next time.

My family(9yo6yo) did this trail. There were a few times we questioned if we were on the right track but this app was wonderful! I showed others on the trail and they were downloading it for their next hike. The looks were gorgeous and the falls were so beautiful! The kids brought their hunting boots and played in the falls. They loved rock climbing

on Kings Chair Loop

26 days ago

Great trail. Adding Eagle’s Nest Overlook to you hike is well worth it

26 days ago

Pretty intense elevation gains during first 1+ miles. Agree with the moderate+ rating suggested. Beautiful view at top. Overflow parking & restroom closeby.No Bikes on blue. Bikes on red..

1 month ago

Easy hike with only a few inclines. Easily connects to white and rec.

1 month ago

Peaceful. Only on elevation change. You can continue in white or yellow trails if you want to go farther.

Thanks for the Memories

Pretty easy, most of the time. Nice scenic overlook!

Did a partial of this today.
Started at NTH
Took red road to red/white connector.
White to Orange connector.
Orange to Blue
Back to NTH.
(Aprox. 7.5 miles)
Great scenery and variety.

Great time with my wife this morning up the Blue across the Red and down the White. Not too hot today but still crazy humid. Was in the shade the entire time.

2 months ago

We did this in Reverse today, Going red first gave us a chance to get warmed up before tackling the hills. Great trails, well marked and the view at the Chair was wonderful. Cant wait to see it again when the leaves start changing and the streams fill up.

There is Overflow parking just past North Trailhead parking.

2 months ago

Busy trail

on Red Road

2 months ago

This is one of our favorite trails to take when we haven’t hiked in a while and need to take it fairly easy. Usually a group of three of us go, and we park one car at the North Trailhead and ride together to the overlook on the way up to Peavine Falls trailhead so we can hike one-way instead of the loop. There are a few small hills, but nothing bad. It can get tricky due to big chunks of gravel at some spots so you need to watch your step or you’ll trip. If it has rained an unusually large amount, you’re going to get your feet and possibly your legs wet crossing several places. If it’s summer and it’s hot and there isn’t a breeze, keep moving because there is one spot at the highest altitude where you’ll always have a breeze. This is a great place to stop and eat a snack.

North Trailhead straight up the Blue in all its steepness. Stupid hot and humid day but had great conversation with my buddy John as we took the Blue to the Orange and down the White. Accidentally took the White turn to the cabins at the bottom and added another half hour to the trip.

I’ve hiked this trail with my boyfriend and just did the same route alone. Started at the North Trailhead meaning it was a serious uphill hike right from the start. Bypassed Eagles Nest overlook and stopped at Kings chair. I had limited time and King’s Chair is my favorite. Stayed on blue to Orange Bypass. Was looking for the marker where the bomber plane crashed but must have missed it. Returned on Red which is a bike trail. Dry season so the regular spots where there was running water was dry. Very few people on the trail. None after I left King’s Chair. It was a great hike.

Love this trail— takes about 2-3 hours (if taking your time) out and back. I go with my doggo, and we usually don’t see anyone until we get to the falls. Once you get to peavine falls it’s a little difficult to find them, but if you keep going on the “top of falls” path, you’ll get over a hill to the bottom of the falls. 10/10 would recommend.

3 months ago

Short, easy trail.

Great hike - more like 4.5 miles though. Beautiful scenery with the streams and bridges. Definitely a do over.

4 months ago


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