Beautiful trail that runs along Black Creek. The water was up a bit today, so it was rapid in several places. We walked the more difficult trail right along the waters edge for the first mile and loved it. Will definitely be back to try some of the peripheral trails that branch off this one.

For a cat, it wasn't hard at all.

The drought has dried up this place severely, still a nice area. Hopefully we can get some rain and get it flowing again.

short hike, beautiful views, partially paved.

It was a beautiful climb down and under the falls definitely made the trip worth it. There wasn't much water on our trip and there was trash everywhere. Would definitely do it again.

Not for hiking down with a camera loose, place in your camera bag or backpack.

Pretty hike, but lots of trash and the trail through the gorge is not well marked.

2 years ago

This is my most favorite trail because I love the falls! I have been here many times growing up but it was my first time back as a teen and we have been back 3 times in the last 2 weeks. The hike is great because it can be as easy or as difficult as you would like it to be depending on which part of the trails to the falls you take. The caves and boulders are more amazing than I remember and standing in front of the falls on the sand with the mist from the falls blowing towards you is an awesome cool off!

Excellent short hike although the trail entrance is somewhat hard to locate. Best when water is up after decent rains. Massive bolders, caves, cascading creek and access underneath the 90 foot Noccalula Falls. Caution, water can be extremely dangerous after rains and should be avoided.

Hiked this one, many, many times as a teenager and 20 something. It's beautiful and you can make as much or as little of it as you want. We've climbed up into caves and hiked far enough back to go swimming. My only problem now is I'm not sure if we can take our dog.