I visited here this past weekend and hiked this trial with a three and four year old. We all loved it and stopped for a splash in the river. We made it just fine and are beginning hiking. don't forget your water and swim trunks, there is plenty of place to swim.

A great visit to the falls, especially after a long week of rain. The waterfall was pretty cool.

We needed a place to stretch our legs in the middle of a long drive. It was worth it just to see the 90' waterfall. Most of the walk that we did was paved or shelled.

Took our teenagers and had a great day. Went down to the falls and had a great time.

one of the best hiking, bicycling trails around. if you hike the falls it is one of the best hikes I ever been on.

Beautiful trail that runs along Black Creek. The water was up a bit today, so it was rapid in several places. We walked the more difficult trail right along the waters edge for the first mile and loved it. Will definitely be back to try some of the peripheral trails that branch off this one.

For a cat, it wasn't hard at all.

trail running
Friday, November 11, 2016

The drought has dried up this place severely, still a nice area. Hopefully we can get some rain and get it flowing again.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

short hike, beautiful views, partially paved.