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wild flowers

Trail was a bit more difficult than expected, particularly in heat of the day in Summer. I would also suggest starting on the other side of the park because there is more to see. Lots of incline/decline. I would probably suggest this trail more for Spring/Fall. Lot's of cool little points of interest, but as others have mentioned, it's difficult to stay on the trail. There are a lot of through trails due to amount of people that visit. It's easy to take one thinking you're still on the trail, only to realize when you come back to the main trail that you had gotten off of it.

We love this trail, especially for our dogs! It’s shaded and if you go in the spring, not too overgrown. Right after a rain the creek flows nicely and there’s a few different options to let the dogs swim. The trail follows the creek almost completely which makes for a really beautiful hike. For the most part, the trail is easy to follow, but there’s a lot of day use trails that can get you off track. Bug spray is also suggested.

Really cool trail and area in general. Fun terrain- big rocks, little rocks, roots, sticks, dirt, gravel. My biggest complaint is the one that has the ongoing theme in the reviews... it’s an extremely difficult trail to follow. Had I not had my handy trail map with the blue dot telling me where I was, there is no telling where I would have ended up. Just a lot of through trails and forks. Better markings would be really nice! Otherwise- solid trail. I went on a Friday afternoon in June, so super hot which = not crowded at all! I’ll take it.

no shade
over grown
1 month ago

By far the least maintained trail in the Preserve. Great view about 0.3 miles from the Patton Chapel end, but trail is about 6-12” wide the whole way. Not bad, but not great.

pretty nice bouldering please near downtown

Very confusing trail. It's a nice, maintained trail - but not well marked, especially at the intersections.

Trail is well maintained and beautiful. However the trail markings are difficult to follow at times. Will definitely come back!

Did some trail jumping to extend my hike and this place is beautiful! Solid elevation changes and some really cool rock formations along the way. There’s also an impressive line of running waterfalls that intersects most of the trails. Definitely recommend this one!

no shade
2 months ago

3 months ago

Great hike but still not marked very well!

A nice walk in the woods

Some area looked like a little fairy land with the big boulders and all the moss. The white trail was not marked very well in some areas. We got off the trail somehow and ended up on the power line trail. Ended up doing a 6 mile hike instead of a 3 mile. Enjoyed the area though.

Combo of Blue to White from the waterfall!

Parked at Simmons school Trailhead. Followed oranges blazes to High Falls and then to where the trail came out on Chapel Rd Was marked well. Beautiful!

Beautiful views, but very hard to stay on the loop as trail marks are confusing. Got off on side trail few times. Thanks to blue gps dot on the AllTrails app that I could find my way back. Otherwise five star trail. Will do it again.

4 stars only given due to confusing trail markers. See notes at bottom. Truly beautiful preserve, could spend all day here meandering through the creeks and very serene. Fall colors are still out. Be careful of slippery rocks. There is no map posted at trailhead. It looks like there is an attempt to make it easier by putting small signs with main spots noted (frog pond, high cliffs, boulder field). But, the trees are also color coded and did not match the trails posted on this App. We followed this route and made it about half way (to the turtle rock) with no problems. After that, there was no clearly defined trail, so not sure if the original maker bushwhacked or just over time this trail wasn’t used. Needless to say, we ended up getting out via the Powerline Trail, which borders a neighborhood. So, overall give yourself time to explore this place as our mileage (after getting off trail) was closer to 4 miles.

Fall colors are still popping but not much longer. Perfect 60 degree day for a walk with the dog and son:)

9 months ago

CONFUSING. Not well marked, so it was easy to get lost and get frustrated. Didn’t finish the trail, I just gave up halfway in and went back on the Poweline Trail instead.

Nice. Just make sure to bring plenty of water - I made the mistake to hike on a very hot day... barley any shade on this trail!

Simmons parking lot up the Orange. Crossed the Creek to the White. Up the boulder field then back down the blue. Took the Orange to the falls and then back to the car. Good time with Jamie and Camo.

if you're familiar with the maps and trails that's great but a lot of places truly need blazing. very easy to switch to a different trail however I absolutely love love love this preserve

Most poorly marked trails I have ever been on. Did not even know what trail I was on till i was well into the woods. Lots of trails that branch off and you have no idea which one to take. Had to eventually pull out my All Trails app so I could figure out how to get out.

Thanks to whomever re-painted the Orange Trail markers!

nature trips
11 months ago

Love this place oh so much! The location of the trail is in a neighborhood. It took a little time finding it the first time because of that. Once we got on the trail, we discovered plenty of beautiful sights! Then we got lost for a while. The trails are not marked clearly. Nevertheless, we came across a friendly hiker that lives in the neighborhood! He showed us the way out! Not only did we have a fantastic time hiking; we also enjoyed talking to the hiker! After the workout, there was a nice popsicle stand right outside of the trails. I went once more and will continue to visit because of the rawness of the nature in the up-and-coming community! I highly recommend going! Also my pregnant sister was able to carry a baby in her stomach, and another child strapped to her on the trip. Therefore, the hike is fairly easy. Enjoy!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Trail markings?? It’s a cool hike if you can actually find it, but it’s very poorly marked and extremely confusing to get around. Have fun!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

I’ve never been on a more poorly marked, mis-marked, unmarked trail. Very frustrating completing the loop.

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Lots of fun. The boulders were incredible and the falls and creeks were an added bonus. We hiked all together 3.4 miles. I will bring grandbabies to this one!

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