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11 days ago

The stone cuts you get to walk through are as cool as you'd imagine!

we got covered in ticks avoid

1 month ago

Not so much a hike but a nice walk in the woods, a few good views.

Some very pretty views. $10 to get into the park for 3 of us. The trails are easy to hike, but they are smoothed with sand. So make sure you have shoes that have good grip. The same shoes we have been loving hiking in were slipping and sliding all over the place in the the sand. Made for some sore ankles after.
Pretty. Easy. But not sure it is worth a return visit.

Pretty easy. What I’ve come to find on these trails is A: don’t take the bypass, and B: check your AllTrails map at junctions. Id most defiantly take 5+ year old on this trail as the rocks portion is cool with small “caves” to go through.

4 months ago

Decided to take a break on our road trip and stopped here. Got to the gate to learn there was a small fee (cash only) to get into the park. No big deal, but we didn’t have cash on us so we drove down and took the road entrance. Easy trail. Really well marked. Lots of stuff to see along the way with great views. Nothing overwhelmingly spectacular but definitely beautiful. Overall solid trail and fun experience!
Definitely would be great and easy with kids as well!

5 months ago

Really beautiful trail
The stones are a hidden gem
Good little workout ascending out and up

Well marked, beautiful trail. A must for Huntsvile hiking.

6 months ago

Very well marked. We took 4 kids, ages 4-8, and I wore a baby on my back. They navigated a lot of the trail for us by looking for the blue marks on trees. The middle of the trail is on the side of the mountain, so make sure the kids watch and have them stay to the side of the trails great walking!

Very well marked. We took 4 kids and i wore a baby on my back. They navigated a lot of it for us by looking for the blue marks on the trees. The middle of the trail is on the side of the mountain so make sure you have kids watch and keep to the left. It was a great walk.


7 months ago

Well marked trail with lots of View points. The waterfall was a nice bonus.

8 months ago

Trail is very well marked as are all trails in Monte Sano Park. The cuts are beautiful, lots of i cycles when we hiked it a couple of weeks ago. Also saw three whitetail deer as an added bonus. Trail has some vertical to it but overall leans towards the easy side. Great hike!


Had views of both sides of the mountain. Great for young kids

9 months ago

Really fun trail!

great hike, my daughter's had a blast

10 months ago

Great Trail. You have to access the Stone Cuts trail via the Sinks Trail, which I did not understand prior to embarking. I spent my childhood in the woods riding four wheelers and camping; but only recently began hiking as a hobby. The Stone Cuts were really awesome and not that difficult for my 60 year old parents, my nearly 3 year old daughter, and myself to navigate and "conquer." Next time I travel back home to Huntsville, I believe it will be a lot of fun to embark on the other trails on Monte Sano and the surrounding area. And thank you to all the reviewers who provided information on the trail(s).

10 months ago

A nice 2 mile easy/moderate walk. We did NOT do the entire loop. After walking through Stone Cuts Trail (main section of cool rocks/ledge) we returned looped back around by taking the Stone Cuts Bypass.

Stark at parking lot.
Head north east on the Sinks Trail.
Pass the Mountain Mist Trail crossing.
At the next intersection (three benches) take a left (away from Goat Trail). You will see the sign for Stone Cut Trail about 20 yards away.

11 months ago

It was pretty nice. It has a lot of beautiful views. Just if you go make sure you have cash .It costs to get in

11 months ago

good views. was surprised to see the observatory, didn't realize it was there.

11 months ago

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Easy trail - kind of narrow in places

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Had a little bit of everything. Moderate workout. Despite holiday weekend we only saw one other hiker. And.. it has caves. Coolness.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

One of my favorites within this great state park!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Cool rock formations

Sunday, August 20, 2017

A pleasant surprise given the relative tameness of Monte Sano. Walking though the caves and along the bottom the cliffs is what every adventurer lives for. If you find this trail, you'll spread the word and tell your friends.
Rock climbing here is a challenge, as there are some opportunities for some good climbing, but be warned. There are many loose rocks, and a lot of vegetation. I spent about 6 hours here one day climbing from the bottom of the cliff, and found dozens of places to test my limits. No ropes required, but it is high enough that you'll be badly injured if you fall.
This will give you an idea of the kind of area it is. I went out for a weekend hike here, and when I arrived at about 11 in the morning, there was a small group of 20-somethings getting high up on top of one of the cave roofs.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

A nice hike and the bugs weren't bad at all. Wish I would have brought my trail runners because the trail network is perfect for running. Good hike!

I would rate this more moderate than easy. Toll gate has a steady incline for at least a mile and it's very rocky. It's a very nice hike.

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