A special place in the Southern Appalachians Little River is unique because it flows for most of its length atop Lookout Mountain in northeast Alabama. Forested uplands, waterfalls, canyon rims and bluffs, pools, boulders, and sandstone cliffs offer settings for a variety of recreational activities. Natural resources and cultural heritage come together to tell the story of the Preserve, a special place in the Southern Appalachians.

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The Never Never Land Loop was one of mine and my husband favorites. We went in April, we kept smelling this fruit punch scent and both thought a woman was somewhere ahead of us on the trail wear perfume. During one of our stops I realized it was this deep burgundy flower! Its called Sweet Shrub and is heavenly! So in the spring time and early summer if you thing a woman is wearing to much perfume somewhere ahead of you it is the heavenly flowers that don't look like much but smell heavenly!
We were shocked at how LONG this trail was. On the maps they give you they are not drawn to scale, which they do mention, but we didn't notice the little lines with miles until we were looking tring to find where we were. Still, this was on of our favorite trails. The trails were smooth and easy but with lots to look at. We ate our lunch at the Never Never Land Loop Campsite. We read the amazing trail journal that was there and left some snacks for the next campers on the shelves as it seemed like what most people did. The stream was flowing there and ice cold! We filtered some water and it was honestly the best water I've ever had. The journal said it was dry more times than not but in mid April it was flowing.
When we got to the Lost Falls, named so because most of the year it is lost but it was flowing as well and beautiful. It was a little tricky getting down to it to take photos but it was amazing. I highly recommend this trail. The spots that were it was kinda swampy had these little wooden bridges that made traveling it much easier and some were pretty long but kept you out of all the muck. I loved Desoto. I compare every place we go to to them and have to refrain from making this our only hiking spot! Its gorgeous! But I would recommend spring over fall, because you will see alot more waterfalls. When we went again in November 2016 EVERYTHING was dry. Where the rivers were flowing they were almost completely dried up if they were non existent.

We hiked all over the Desoto State Park an the Desoto Falls were breathtaking. Sadly we could not find a way down to view it from the bottom. After reading more recent trip reviews I realize where to look now. It was amazing and a must see!

We went here in November and sadly everything was dry. We and several others actually walked where the waterfall was usually flowing which was kinda cool. But I bet when it is flowing it is breathtaking!

If you cross over the dam, you will find a trail on the other side. From there, the trail will lead you around the far side of the rim to a neat overlook of the waterfall opposite of the observation point. Following the trail from there will bring you to the bottom of the falls in only a few minutes. Its steep and requires hands, but is very short. View from the bottom is great and almost nobody is ever down there, highly recommend if you don't mind getting your feet wet crossing the dam.

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Always good to go somewhere during the summer and be able to go swimming.

on Lost Falls Trail

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ok trail. Very easy. A good trail for a family with young children. Be careful and watch for trail signs or you could get off the trail easily.

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The water felt amazing after the hot hike down. Not much rain lately so the water level is way down. Hike down to falls was fairly easy. Hike back up was a little more difficult.

Nice stroll (easier than moderate) under shade the whole way during July heat!

no water.

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One of my favorites. Mentone is an awesome little town right down the road!