The main path is very flat and very straight, and even paved at some points. The trails on the opposite side of the park are very fun to hike, especially if you blaze your own. In the fall, the leaves will slip out from under you on the bluffs, so be careful. People have built lean-to's everywhere. It's fallen into disrepair in terms of wooden block stairs in some areas, but it's a nice area.

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Great trails! There's lots of places to ride. Great views! Some trails are not kept up very well but I didn't mind it!

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The biking trails are a good ride. I haven't explored all the trails yet, but plan to. The trails and park seem to be a bit unkept and neglected, but it doesn't take away from a bike ride in the woods.

I only knew about the trail at the west end of the park lot! A big thanks to the other reviewers! The trail on the west end is an easy, enjoyable walk. I take my 80-yr old dad there. The park is really quite pretty and would make a nice picnic/hike destination. I plan to check out the other trails now that I know about them!


I've been walking this trail on and off for the past 7 years. There are three sections of trails.

These trails are not well maintained anymore and none of the trails are marked. Even so, I still think these trails are worth your time. I had to do some hunting to try to figure out which sections are improved and which ones were people's cut-troughs.

1. There is the short hiking trail east of the pavilion. From the park entrance, turn left, ford the stream, and park. There is a short blough trail that connects A couple of places with quite steep grades to the trail at the bottom of the bluff. This area is fairly short to hike.

2. There is the paved loop just west of the gate. The loop is about a 1/2 a mile long. This is also the Beginner's Mountain Bike loop. I think I've only seen people on bikes a couple of times. This is the trail that gets used the most. This trail is hard to get lost on, just stay on the gravel and pavement.

3. This area I only found about a month ago because I found out that the park has Mountain Biking Trails (???). This It is the Advanced Mountain Bike trails. To get there, you start down the connecting path from the Beginner's Mountain Bike loop, when you pass the bridge and reach the Y of the loop, turn right. Go a little ways and there is a path to the right. Cross Waterloo Road. There is a sign for the Advanced Mountain Biking Trails. The trail that may have been a road is a "Ridge line" trail. The Right trail from the entrance, eventually meanders parallel with Wildwood Park Road. The Left Trail from the entrance, has a high bluff view of the Cypress Creek. There is also a signed Mountain Bike access (no parking though) on the west side of Wildwood Park Road, north of where Cumberland Street's intersection with Wildwood Park Road.

I would recommend using a GPS (or smartphone with map) on the Advanced Mountain Biking Trails, but not needed for the rest of the trails. I think some people could get lost. Some of the trails in that part are overgrown in places. I don't know if it is lack of maintenance or people trying to make new trails.

As for Mountain Biking on the MTB Advanced Trail, I have no idea if this trail is in any shape for anyone to use for Mountain Biking. I don't do Mountain Biking. I would recommend that you have some experience under your belt because there are some steep areas.

A few features to point out. The pavilion has drinkable water next to it. There is a restroom nearby. Picnic tables are around in the parking areas.

I've mapped many of these trails on the OpenStreetMap.Org website.

Have fun on the trail and be safe!

The paved trail is an easy walk with excellent access to the creek. To get to the other trail following the parking lot the other direction and across the creek (might want to drive across it). Go past the pavilion, walk through the picnic area, and the trail is on the other side. It is relatively easy to find. At about 20 feet in the trail splits. The lower trail follows the creek to the cistern. It is an easy, 1/4 mile walk. I tried to go beyond it, but it ended in a bluff. Not a terrible climb if you want to try it. I went back and tried the "upper bluff" trail. This had several branches that looped back together. There are parts of this trail that are inches from the bluff. It was wet and muddy when I went. Due to the danger of falling off the 30-40 foot bluff I would not call this "easy". Just watch your step! There have been fatalities from people falling from the bluff. I walked it without too much difficulty. The "upper bluff" trail is maybe a mile round trip. It was a nice little adventure, with several pretty views. Worth seeing once.