Photos of Comer Scout Reservation Trails

This is an amazing trail. We were nervous at first since we couldn't make contact with the ranger but we went ahead and left a note on the dash of the car and headed out. We parked in the parking area close to the trailhead. The fallen leaves make it a bit hard to see the trail but the red blazes are perfectly spaced so we only got off trail (unwanted) a couple times. The waterfall at about the halfway point is beautiful. The rock formations and wildlife was abundant. The last bit on the road was confusing but wanted since we were racing the upcoming rain. We were visiting family during the Thanksgiving holiday and I would suggest trying this trail even though it is indicated best time is from April to September. We literally saw no other human the entire hike! Again, being from out of state and not familiar with the local area we were just a wee bit nervous about not making contact with anyone before heading out (we started early and didn't want to go around knocking on doors). As for the phone number for the ranger? There isn't an answering machine...just saying. Enjoy this one, it is well maintained and void of defacement you find in so many other areas (the stone building had no graffiti!).