Did this trail today. It did my disappoint!

very easy coming from rt281 to the falls only 1 mile in and out

Have done this trail many times with my family. Very pretty.

3 months ago

Love this trail one of the best in the area.

Amazing scenery and a few waterfalls. Went with a group of friends and we enjoyed every minute of it!

Beautiful scenery and waterfalls! excellent trail to hike.

Relatively easy hike in from the main road to the waterfalls.

The falls were absolutely amazing! Stopped and set up hammocks. Walked around naked for about 2 hours. haha. Not a soul in sight. A beautiful getaway

Nice trail with some excellent views of Cheaha park. Lots of changing terrain and a wide array of rock formations, swimming holes and vegetation. Single file with heavy brush at some points though. You kind of have to melt into the brush to let others pass. We did it out and back in about 4 hours with a stop for lunch.

This was the first time my husband and I hiked a trail with this length. Very beautiful near Lake Chinnabee with waterfalls. There are several places where we just stopped to enjoy the view and the quietness of the area. Will definitely do again.

Beautiful trail! I was lucky enough to experience this area a weekend after heavy rainfall to the north so the falls were phenomenal.

9 months ago

LOVE the chinnabee!! It's a must when in Cheaha!

10 months ago

Love the silent trail,not much traffic and jsut a great place to clear your mind. Cheaha Falls is on this trail and it's one of my favorite swimming spots! It's a a must when going to CSP!

beautiful waterfalls at devil's den.

We visited yesterday (3/19/2017) and had a great time until we got right before the stone steps to devil's den. It is very unsafe and impossible to get to the steps unless you take a chance and step on the slick rock.

Great day hike! Go check it out. For a day hike, camp at Camp Turnipseed. Awesome campsite, can get busy. If your backpacking there are plenty of sites off the trail and near the falls.
Leave no trace!

11 months ago

This is a great little easy hike. A few hills, but not too tough even if you are only in decent shape. Trail is well marked and when we went there was plenty of water--the dog loved it.

Great first hike here. Devils Den was beautiful. Looking forward to more hiking here!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Great Trail for a day hike. Nice water flow, and very easy to moderate. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Grate trail nice view over a large creek

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