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Easy walk to the scenic point. The view is beautiful. I took my two boys, under 10, and we went off trail and climbed several rocks along the side of the mountain. It was a great time.

Good trail well marked with good water. About half of the trail follows the pinhoti so the blue blazes light your path. When you get off the pinhoti just follow the signs and stay on the well beaten path and you should be fine. The trail passes by the out and back trail to McDill Point. It is worth the extra 1 mike out and back to take a gander. All in all it’s more like eight miles so bring a snack and water. I used most of my water cooking for my son and Myself but I had a sawyer filtration system on hand. There is a plane crash to see on the McDill trail.

It as my first time to hike this loop. Fortunately, I have a good sense of direction and a serviceable map of the Cheaha Wilderness Area which I printed from the USDA website beforehand. The Cave Creek section of the trail was poorly marked. I never saw a sign near the Trail Head or the Connector Trail. At one point I wasn't sure what trail I was on. Was I still on Cave Creek or had I pushed past it, moving on to the Nubbin Creek or Odum Scout Trail by then? . My map did not reflect what I was seeing and because of no signage, I had no way to verify my position. Stumbling upon a trail intersection is not good when there are no markings telling me what trail was what. All I knew is that if I took the trail that was heading generally west, I would eventually run into the Pinhoti. I never saw any signage for Cave Creek until I came across another trail intersection aprox a mile from the Pinhoti. Once you get to the Pinhoti, everything is gravy. This trail is wonderfully marked with blue blazes and metal tags, a welcome contrast to Cave Creek. Despite Cave Creek challenging my old Boy Scout skills, I had a wonderful time. And the Pinhoti serves up one gorgeous view after another. I can't wait to go back.

1 month ago

This was my first time to hike this trail. When I walked to the trailhead from the parking lot I took a wrong turn! I turned right and ended up on the Pinhoti headed away from the loop. I hiked a few miles out and back in to the trailhead and decided - what the heck - I came to hike the Cave Creek Trail so I'm going to do it. I proceeded taking the trail south toward three o'clock in the loop - I would say this side of the hike was easy. I was able to move fairly quickly. The scenery changes dramatically on the "back side" - several areas when on the actual Pinhoti required finding the blazes. When I decide to hike this loop again I will dig the backside in on the front stretch. Great views on the backside.

Nice hike. 2nd half more rocky and more ascents. Worth it to head off 1/4 mike trail to Mcdill overlook on the back half.

2 months ago

My wife and I are wanting to get into hiking. Got this app and found this trail and read the reviews. The trail is rated easy but as beginners we found it to be challenging. The trail itself is well marked and pretty well traveled. However, it was very very steep in certain places. Guess we are really out of shape. LOL! Although it is short the steepness should make it moderate. The view at the top though was well worth the hike. Cool waterfall and scenic views! We will definitely hike it again.

I hiked/ran this trail today and I loved it. It was very foggy which gave it the feeling of an enchanted forest. I couldn’t see the few at the lookout points unfortunately, so I definitely like to come back some time. The hike is moderate, a little challenging at some points. Very rocky terrain, so be prepared for that.

Cave Creek is an unmarked but easily followed trail carved on the side of the ridges near Cheaha. It is commonly done as part of a loop when combined with Section 6 of the Pinhoti as each trail is linked by a connector.

If seeking to do a loop then do it counter clockwise (starting on the Pinhoti from the Cheaha trailhead) so that you can get water on Cave Creek as there is scant little on that section of the Pinhoti.

Camping sites near the water sources are few and far in between but you may find some existing sites slightly off the path. (Please do not make your own, new fire ring.)

Not the hardest hike but the gradual climb and descend will make you feel your pack.

The only reason for the lack of a fifth star is that the recent ice storms have caused a considerable amount of blow downs. (Am amazed at how quickly the trail maintenance folks get out as there are very few blocking the path). This will change in the coming months as the area greens up with spring.

Also docked the star for lack of campsites that can accommodate more than 3 tents or hammocks (there are some but not a lot given the terrain).

All in all, you will enjoy this trail.

Beautiful in foggy day. The trail is not marked, we got lost, app dropped tracking us, and we had to came back the same way which was not easy also.

I probably wouldn’t want to do it alone again. I got lost twice but found my way back to the trail. When I lost the trail the first time it was very rocky and I won’t lie.. I got a little nervous lol.

Thoroughly enjoyed it. McDill point did not disappoint!

Good trail, the elevation wasn't too bad. There was definitely some up and down, but you are high enough about 3 miles in to get some good views. Great day trail with only a few down trees you have to climb under. We packed in and slept at one of the junctions with the Pinhoti Trail along the crest. Got down to low 30's with a decent wind. We made a windbreak and a bonfire. Slept wonderfully in my 20 degree bag. There was snow on the ground the whole time. Great trip and did it with an eleven year old in the party.

Good hike. Good camping spots. Great views.

Great day and a half hike. Lost of good camp spots.
Several scenic views.

Great trail, trail is very confusing at times. Didn't have any trail markings. Other than that enjoyed it

Beautiful this time of year. One of the best trails to see water on Cheaha. My daughter loved it ! The last hill climb going up is pretty long but a great cardio workout.

Worth the trip and so many more amazing views. It was very foggy but standing on the edge of the cliff was a feeling I’ve never experienced.

Magical to say the least! Hiked this trail in May and it was a wonderful adventure! There were plenty of elevation and landscape changes along the way always keeping it interesting! We saw a gorgeous endangered rattlesnake peacefully passing by! We also came upon an old plane crash sight! The view was incredible!

Great hike, has some challenging inclines. McDill trail is directly off this trail well worth the cut through for breath taking views and downed plane. Only thing I found very disappointing is the lack of marking on this trail with a hand full of very deceiving spots that could lead to hikers getting turn around.

I had a great time on the hike in. Started on the Eastern side of the trail, which was pretty smooth, met a few hikers along the way coming the opposite direction. Once I made the loop going on the Western side the trail became a lot harder for a 45 year old in the worst shape of his life. I had to make frequent stops but was determined to make McDill Point. I saw the plane wreckage and made it to McDill Point. I ate my lunch and continued on another mile and made my camp for the evening. The next morning I ate breakfast and hiked the last 2 miles out to complete the loop. For an out of shape 45 year old I would rate this trail on the hard side because of the Western side but I had a great time doing it.
I'm just learning how to use this ap so my hike is broken up into 4 sections, also some of the pictures I posted along the trail are in the wrong spot.

Great hike but I got lost about half way through. Well not really lost, but I wasn't 100% sure I was on track and decided to head back... the trail isn't marked well (or at all) like Pinhoti Trail (which I highly recommend over this). Pinhoti is a great trail, Bald Rock and Pulpit Rock and incredible lookouts, but this one is just kind of alright. Still worth the hike if you're in the area for a couple of days.

Easy walk on boardwalk or a off trial walk. beautiful views off the rocks

Beautiful hike and waterfalls. Good camping areas at top.

This trail/loop has something for everyone. There are small to mid size creeks, views to post on your social media, a small plane crash site to explore. The trail offers a wide range of hiking. There is the nice flat areas to the rockier (where did the trail go) places. Worth your time.

Beautiful view at Mcdill point

Beautiful view from Mcdill Point

8 months ago

My husband and I just did this. We are both inexperienced and little out of shape. It was perfect for us. Gets a little steep but nothing too bad. The view at the top is worth it.

8 months ago

My husband and I just did this. We are both inexperienced and little out of shape. It was perfect for us. Gets a little steep but nothing too bad. The view at the top is worth it.

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