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Cheaha State Park is the pinnacle of natural beauty and awe in Alabama. Surrounded by the Talladega National Forest, this foothill of the Appalachian Mountains is the highest point in Alabama. Standing 2,407 ft. above sea level, it is no wonder why the local Creek Indians named this place Chaha, meaning high place. FREE Wireless Internet Access is available

13 days ago

Great 1 day hike! 7.3 miles. Beautiful views. Campsites along the way. We'll definitely be back to enjoy more of the trails in this area!

This was a great hike. Make sure to being plenty of water to drink and a few snacks if you plan on making the loop in one day. They're are several camping spots already made by previous campers along the trail. According to my fitbit the length was right around 7.3 miles. The only complaint that i have is that on some of the forks on the trail were not marked but for the most part it was obvious where to go. I plan on going back to hike a different trail and to camp. Me and the group i was with today had a blast and cant wait to go back.

Also if you lift you might wanna skip leg day if you plan on doing this the day after.

Mileage listed may be off on this one. Recorded almost 9 miles of hiking on two separate devices. Just a heads up.

Missing the big wow factor, but a good moderate-to-strenuous trail. Did the Pinhoti side first, mildly strenuous with good views. Cave creek was faster and more mild.

Great hike. Called the State Park the night before. They recommended going counterclockwise. Take the Pinhoti side first then catch the connector over to the Cave Creek trail. Apparently it is easy to miss the connector when you go the other way. Will definitely do this one again. Great views. Took about 3.5 hours. Highly recommend it.

I would say this is a strenuous trail, considering the super rocky part at Pinhoti trail. Look for the blue marks on trees and you won't get lost. There are breathtaking view points on the pinhoti trail.