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Cheaha State Park is the pinnacle of natural beauty and awe in Alabama. Surrounded by the Talladega National Forest, this foothill of the Appalachian Mountains is the highest point in Alabama. Standing 2,407 ft. above sea level, it is no wonder why the local Creek Indians named this place Chaha, meaning high place. FREE Wireless Internet Access is available

Good hike. Good camping spots. Great views.

Great day and a half hike. Lost of good camp spots.
Several scenic views.

Great trail, trail is very confusing at times. Didn't have any trail markings. Other than that enjoyed it

Beautiful this time of year. One of the best trails to see water on Cheaha. My daughter loved it ! The last hill climb going up is pretty long but a great cardio workout.

12 days ago

Worth the trip and so many more amazing views. It was very foggy but standing on the edge of the cliff was a feeling I’ve never experienced.

18 days ago

Great overlook! Trail is steep at first but levels out

Magical to say the least! Hiked this trail in May and it was a wonderful adventure! There were plenty of elevation and landscape changes along the way always keeping it interesting! We saw a gorgeous endangered rattlesnake peacefully passing by! We also came upon an old plane crash sight! The view was incredible!

This place is special to me. It’s a gorgeous overlook of how beautiful the state of Alabama is. Very easy hike.

27 days ago

Great hike, has some challenging inclines. McDill trail is directly off this trail well worth the cut through for breath taking views and downed plane. Only thing I found very disappointing is the lack of marking on this trail with a hand full of very deceiving spots that could lead to hikers getting turn around.

I had a great time on the hike in. Started on the Eastern side of the trail, which was pretty smooth, met a few hikers along the way coming the opposite direction. Once I made the loop going on the Western side the trail became a lot harder for a 45 year old in the worst shape of his life. I had to make frequent stops but was determined to make McDill Point. I saw the plane wreckage and made it to McDill Point. I ate my lunch and continued on another mile and made my camp for the evening. The next morning I ate breakfast and hiked the last 2 miles out to complete the loop. For an out of shape 45 year old I would rate this trail on the hard side because of the Western side but I had a great time doing it.
I'm just learning how to use this ap so my hike is broken up into 4 sections, also some of the pictures I posted along the trail are in the wrong spot.

1 month ago