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Cheaha State Park is the pinnacle of natural beauty and awe in Alabama. Surrounded by the Talladega National Forest, this foothill of the Appalachian Mountains is the highest point in Alabama. Standing 2,407 ft. above sea level, it is no wonder why the local Creek Indians named this place Chaha, meaning high place. FREE Wireless Internet Access is available

My friends and I really enjoyed this morning hike.

Started at Lake Cheaha trailhead (Blue Marker). It was steep and rocky for the majority of the trail. Amazing views along the trail. Also a couple of very cold creeks to cool off in. The trail merges with Mountain Laurel (Pink Marker) at the scenic area. We followed the Mountain Laurel trail to the upper campground then cut through the wood to the observation tower and then back down to the lake. 3.6 miles total. Strenuous for the both of us, I'm 38, she's 14. I would definitely do it again.

Cool hike; lots of good campsites. Not any water on the Pinhoti in this section. Awesome views on both sides. Going again as soon as we can.

Nice trail for an overnight trip. A small stream was about 2.5 miles into the Cave Creek Trail section from the Cheaha Trailhead.

McDill Point, located about 5 miles into the trip, has an awesome campsite tucked away into the mountain. It has a nice rock fire pit and the view is amazing.

Hiked from Cheaha trail head to Pinhoti and back to Cheaha trail head.
Great loop, would do that again!!
Did see a rattle snake on the trail.
Let him have the right away!!

Great, easy-access boardwalk. Perfect for kids and people with mobility challenges.

Awesome views at the end!

Awesome loop. I was not in shape and this tested my mettle. Lots of good campsites and great views. Only one really good water source and it was about a mile and a half from the entrance on the Cave Creek Side. It was cold and raining and we camped on the leeward side of the Pinhoti. Trails were well blazed.

1 month ago

Very steep but worth it at the top. Wonderful views