The entire preserve is amazing.

I have been here several times and I love this trail!! ☺

Beautiful Preserve. Well maintained. Great trail markers and maps provided. I could spend days out here! The owners take great pride in their Nature Preserve. Thank you Lacefield Family for sharing this gem with us!

Took my dog last week and we loved it. The owners are so nice and they give you a map and a walking stick. We took the short hike and the views are awesome. At the end of our hike, my dog got to swim in their pond (he also played in the creeks along the hike).

My family and i went for a hiking yesterday at this park. its off the beaten path and the dirt road was a little rough going in. There is a beautiful spanish style house with a little building in front of it. We went to the building and a really nice man (owner) was there to meet me. He gives you a map and ask you what you would like to do and recommends what is best. He was very sweet. He will assign you a map (you replace it at the end of the hike). There are bathrooms and pinic areas with coolers of water (not cold water). These are at about 3/4 mile to 1 mile internvals. If you want to see a quick waterfall there is one less that a 1/3 of a mile and u can walk back. If you dont want alot of up and down that is what a suggest. Now if you go past the 1st waterfall, be prepared for alot of up and down. We went pass the 2nd falls that u can get under (way cool) and down into the canyon. we had a quick bite and some gatorade (make sure to rest before going back up). the last mile is almost all up hill..... my hip is still hurting today because of it - fair warning. It is rated moderate for this one reason. The whole thing was very beautiful and worth the hurting hip today. I do wish the map and the marks would coenside. you will be looking at several markers but dont know where ur at on the map. Caused 6 adults quiet a few arguments as to where we were. I still didnt know... If u can handle a good 3 or 4 mile hike with at least a mile of it up, up hill. This place is worth while.

Great trail!

My favorite so far in this part of the country!

I love this trail! I usually do about 10 miles (mostly because I can't read a map to save my life) and each time I go i see something new. The fist half of the area is well marked and the rest areas are always welcome! The back side of the preserve isn't as clear but it doesn't bother me. I take my dog and we usually make it out in about 6 hours. The falls deeper into the preserve make the hike well worth it!

Nice trails. Pretty scenery

Great trail. Pretty scenery.

What a beautiful place. Easy to get around and so much to see can't wait to go back this fall.

My family and I hiked the trail for 5 hours. We had a great time. It was beautiful!!

6 months ago

Loved loved loved

Challenging for being new to hiking well worth the struggles the views were absolutely amazing.. would love to try this trail again

Absolutely STUNNING! Have to go back soon because we barely scratched the surface! Didnt have time to get to Blue Hole or Devils Hollow, will be back later this week for sure!

I visited Cane Creek Canyon as a quick nature-fix while visiting with a friend who lives in Russelville. It's a bit tricky to get to if you're not watching the signs closely, but you'll know when you found it.

The parts of the trail that I walked are clearly marked. Some areas were rocky and/or slippery (more so in wet weather). Fresh drinking water and outhouses are found at comfortable intervals, as well as seating at scenic overlook points.

I only completed the front area of the preserve and found it an easy distraction from a too fast-paced life. Wildflowers and waterfalls, as well as some interesting geology, are a bonus to visiting the preserve.

great trail

2nd time to do this trail and it was just as amazing as the first. I love that there are still good people out there that just want to share what they have. The owners of the land are amazing people.

This is an amazing place to hike. We spent about 6 hours hiking the trails and splashing in the water. We hike the Smokies a lot and I think I love this place more. The care takers of the property are wonderful. They were so friendly and helpful. There are bathrooms and coolers of cold water to refill your water bottles throughout the hike. We will definitely be back. We can not wait to come back!! Thanks for the best hike we have experienced.

Highly recommend this trail. First time here. Family of six plus 1 four legged member. There is plenty to see and do. The cliff was breath taking. There is a nice waterfall. Our family favorite was the rock cave. Trails are nicely marked. Several places for fresh water fill ups and restrooms. We will be back!

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