Very nice and easy walk. could even be a nice easy run.

1 month ago

Great trail and quite flat except in 2-3 places. not sure of it was because of the time of the year, but we had to go through an area of grassland full of sheep and sheep poo!

2 months ago

Love this route. Can be very muddy in winter so wear proper footwear. Easy in summer - I did in sandals. Some ups and downs but still an easy walk. Enjoy!

4 months ago

Beautiful walk through a stunning part of the ribble valley , this walk has a little of everything and well worth making the effort to do it

A great walk but definitely not one for those not looking to test themselves a little as the steps that take you to the top of pendle are more than a little steep!! Definitely worth the effort when you get to the top as the views are amazing with a nice walk back down past the reservoir back into Barley

4 months ago

Lovely walk, easy to navigate, great on a fine day

6 months ago

Amazing walk. Beautiful surrondings. :)

3 months ago