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Challenging but very scenic trail with diverse segments including jungle and alpine desert zones. Summit day was by far the hardest, with over 4000 ft elevation gain in about 3 miles, starting at over 15,000 ft. Trail conditions range from deep gravel to rocky to muddy, most at relatively steep angles. Magnificent sunsets above the clouds!

Not easy. High altitude is no joke. But definitely worth. Experience of a life time.

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5 days ago

Heading there from California tonight. Bringing micro spikes for summit night!

Life changing trip. I did this 8 day route in July 2019. It is completely doable if you train appropriately. Summit day is tough, but doable. Celebrated my 40th birthday on the mountain. If this old lady can do it...so can you!

awesome experience! great trail, great mountain, great people. not going to say it was easy, but was well worth the effort.

This is for a june-july 2013 summit: people ask me about the differences between the experience climbing Kilimanjaro and doing Everest Base camp trek. The biggest difference is to me is that in the Paul you were in the culture the entire way up to Basecamp, however it Kilimanjaro once you enter the Kilimanjaro national Park, you really are just with your team, as it is illegal for anyone to live inside the park except for the indigenous tribes living at the foot of the mountain. and you are past them in the first three hours of day one. most people don't realize what Kilimanjaro is the picture that you've seen of Kilimanjaro is actually Kibo, one of the three volcanic structures on top of a 13 km pump on the earth. that hump is actually Kilimanjaro. on top of the hump is Kibo, Mwenze, and Shera, which collapsed in on itself a few hundred years ago and is now just noticed the Shira plateau. when one begins to ascend kibo, at school huts at the bottom of the summoning day, you're already above 15000 feet. summiting day itself is the hardest day of any sort that I've had yet anywhere. The rest of the climb is really a matter of walking up from sea level and zigzagging back and forth over the Kilimanjaro hump in order to acclimatize, then all at once you make the summoning push-up kibo. I would say that everyday on Everest Base camp trek was more difficult than every non-summiting day of Kilimanjaro. the sites at the top or spectacular and absolutely worth the climb, but the altitude is no joke as two of our team by the time we got to the Evinrude who Peak summit, one was violently vomiting blood into the glacier and the other had no idea where she was. This is after three others had to be dragged off unconscious, literally right in front of us, as we were popping up a gilman's point. I can highly recommend team Kilimanjaro, as our guides. they did a great job! Team Kilimanjaro +44 207 193 5895 +255 78 777 5895 www.teamkilimanjaro.com

One of the best experiences of my life! Lemosho was a perfect route-plenty of time to acclimate and also awesome to really get to enjoy the mountain and the different vegetation zones. Lots of monkeys, birds, wildflowers, and beautiful views. The Barranco Wall was great fun as well-a playground for grown ups. Highly recommend!

Trip of a lifetime. The Lemosho route was an excellent choice. A very scenic route that allowed for just enough time to acclimate.

We did this trail in August 2018 and it was amazing. Did the trek with Embark and the guides and team were incredible. The variety of terrain is awesome and the entire experience was life enhancing. Loved all 7 days of our adventure.

Did this route as the 8 day option. It was by far the hardest thing that I have ever done both physically and mentally. This was an amazing accomplishment and a trip of a lifetime. All six of our group summitted although that is very rare. If you are going to climb Kili train, train, and train some more!

This is the route we plan to take in August 2019 with the camps that we will use. I couldn't find a route with the precise route and camps we will use so I created my own.

1 month ago

Best hike I have ever done!

2 months ago

Did this hike in November, following the Lemosho trail over 7 days and it was amazing! The final night hike was cold, so I was glad our tour group reviewed equipment ahead of time to make sure we were set. I ended up taking Diamox for altitude sickness but my partner did not- we both lost our appetites around day 3, however. I had some wild headaches... but it was worth it!! Such a feeling of accomplishment at the summit, even though it’s really thanks to the amazing porters and support staff. Make sure to budget money for individual tips, maybe research ahead of time. We barely had enough in 3 currencies to tip everyone (rookie move). This hike is a geologist’s dream- we stopped often to look at the awesome mineralogy.

You could get to the summit faster but many who try have to turn back. Nice easy ascent and acclimatization on this route. Pretty exposed and weather is unpredictable. Awesome summit views to keep you going and some wonderful exciting rock scramble sections. Amazing to see waterfalls at altitude and move through so many ecosystems. Don’t rush this experience - up is optional down is mandatory.

Journey to the Roof of Africa Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is on the bucket list of any serious hiker. It is the highest free-standing mountain in the world and reaching the 19,341 ft. summit does not require any technical climbing. Two years ago, my brother completed the hike with four of his friends which inspired me to also attempt this hike. Travelling all the way to Africa and not have my family with me would have been quite unfair. So I convinced them to do this hike as a family vacation. We decided to add a wildlife safari to our trip for some additional fun. Until now, I had never gone with my wife and my daughter on my epic day-long hikes, so I wasn't sure how they would fare. Mt. Kilimanjaro hike is a multi-day affair which can take anywhere from 5 to 12 days depending on the route. And it reaches altitudes that are not easy to prepare for. My wife had hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, so she had some experience hiking around 14,000 ft. On the other hand, my daughter had not hiked much above 10,000 ft. when we climbed Mt Washburn in Yellowstone NP. The highest I had ever reached was 14,500 ft. when I climbed Mt Whitney, and my endurance hikes are only a one-day effort. So the impending hike was unfamiliar territory for all of us. My wife and I decided to build our endurance by hiking in northeastern Pennsylvania on weekends. My daughter could not join us on these practice hikes due to her studies, but she hit her school gym to build core strength. As a three-person team we felt pretty good about our chances to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro, provided we could stay healthy. We had booked our trip for June through the same company that my brother and his friends had used, so that process went smoothly. We also requested the same guides, as we had heard good reviews about them. We picked the same route that my brother had used on his successful summit. Our hike would take 7-days over Rongai route which starts in the north of the mountain and ends in the east. This route is less prone to rain, which can be a debilitating factor in the success of the hike. Not only is it unenjoyable walking over a muddy trail, getting wet during the hike at high altitude can result in hypothermia and jeopardize the chances of success. After months of planning and preparation during which we purchased all the items for our hike, it was time to fly to Tanzania. With nervous excitement we boarded our flight from JFK airport. As the flight was approaching Kilimanjaro airport, we saw the mountain with its peak above the cloud cover. It looked formidable and we asked ourselves if we could really climb to the top. Those thoughts were kept aside as we had 3 days of safari to enjoy before the hike. We were greeted at the airport by a representative of the company and taken to our hotel in Arusha. Arusha is one of the big cities in Tanzania, but it felt more like a small town. The traffic on the 2-lane highway moved painfully slow due to low speed limit and frequent police checkpoints. The country seemed underdeveloped, and we were struck by signs of poverty in many places. Yet the people looked happy and went about their business. After a good overnight sleep in our hotel we left for safari aboard our personal jeep with our driver and cook. The safari to Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater was a wonderful experience. We saw a large variety of animals in their natural habitat that, until then, we had only read about in African tour books. The rainy season had just ended so the animals were easy to find in such a large area. We were fortunate to see lions, elephants, wild buffalos, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, giraffes, zebras, leopard, cheetah, jackals, hyenas, wild dogs, wilder beasts, and numerous kinds of deer and antelopes. After spending 3 days camping and exploring the park, including visiting a Masai village, we returned to Arusha. A quick change of vehicles and we were off to Moshi which is a smaller town close to the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro. There, at the hotel, we met our hike coordinator who briefed us about the hike and checked our bags to make sure we had all the necessary gear for our hike. After a restful night’s sleep, we got ready to depart for our hike. We were picked up in the morning from the hotel with all our hiking gear and reached the starting gate by lunch time. There we met 14 team members who would assist us with the hike. The team comprised of two main guides, one assistant guide, one cook, one dishwasher, one portable toilet person, one server, and seven porters. After finishing all the formalities at the gate, and eating our boxed lunch, we were off from Rongai Gate towards Simba Camp. Starting at around 8,000 ft. elevation, the air felt crisp, and soon we had covered 4 miles to reach our first day’s destination. Our tents were already set when we arrived, and we were greeted with singing and dancing by our 14 team members. Three hours had quickly passed by and the smiling faces of the por

I hiked this with a group of friends July 2018. one of the best hikes we have ever done! We went with a group called Peak Planet and it took us 9 days to do the hike. 7 of those days you are above 10,000 feet. However the decent is the hardest part of this hike because in one day you go down about 7,000 feet. tough on the knees. Listen to your guide about gear. Don't try and skimp on clothing because you will regret it. The one thing I wish I brought but didn't were crampons. They would have been helpful for the summit day. overall amazing hike. would do again!

Great trip, great mountain.

Just succeed two days ago wonderful chalenge great team did lemosho route and wow when reaching the sommet at sunshine

Amazing is the best word. Make sure to get a good guide company, I used Ultimate Kilimanjaro and they were great. The only thing you can’t control is the altitude sickness, if you get it then the only thing you can do is take the pills, so bring them along just in case. Enjoy your group that you are with as you will be spending every day with them walking and eating every meal together. 4 + years later we still get together for weddings and try to plan a new group adventure. Do it you will love it!

Amazing adventure. We were part of a 50 person group. Zara tour group was incredible and made sure all summited. Not a particularly beautiful climb, but the accomplishment is with it. Last night is tough w a long week of hiking, lower oxygen levels, and tent sleeping. My favorite views were post climb on the way down, above the clouds at sunset and sunrise are beautiful.

Great hike. Recommend taking 7 days (vs. 5-6) for acclimatization and taking diamox

Just came back after this amazing 8 day Lemosho Route. A beautiful route in the first days before meeting up with other routes. You will see monkeys on the first day. Some days are more difficult than others, but none compare to summit day. It was close to 7 hours in the dark and cold making a slow and steady assent to the peak. A great test of endurance I hope to never forget. Sunrise was breathtaking.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Hard, yes. I summited at age 65 after about 6 months semi-serious training with lots of cycling for my legs, stepper at the Y and three practice climbs up to Wheeler Peak in NM for altitude training (13,300). g Adventures was my climbing company and I couldn’t recommend them more. Samwell Danford was our leader. We had a group of 11 and all summited, although our 22 year-old from Switzerland was an hour behind us. Perfect blue sky day and temperature +2 C on top. The acclimatization days via Lemosho were instrumental in getting everyone up. I was the only one in our group to experience no altitude sickness save for two minor headaches treated with ibuprofen. All others had various combinations of blurred vision, vomiting, dizziness and abdominal cramps. I was the oldest in the group, so maybe I trained more to compensate. This was my first major hike to altitude. I’m planning Everest Base Camp in March 2019. Longer trek, but a little less altitude - not much, tho - and a lot more crowded. My advice: train, use good gear (try out those boots - I replaced mine as a result of my Wheeler experience) and choose a company with a good track record. You can do it on the cheap, but you’re worth the investment. Skip any company that says it has oxygen tanks. If you really need oxy, you’ve exceeded your limit and knew it. Descent is the only treatment for AMS. Oxygen is for Everest (and not EBC).

Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! Did it in sept 2016. The hike is easy the difficult part is the altitude which makes you go super slow. Diamox help with the altitude, I was fine all the way to the top. Only one day we had to do some scrabbling in the Barranco wall and the day of the summit was brutal but so much worth it once you start seeing the sunrise and then reaching the top. Best experience ever!!!

great trail did it in Sept.2013 no problems with altitude

Amazing route!

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