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One of the best hikes I’ve done! Did not complete the whole ridge but went to Augstmatthorn and back to the Harderkulm lookout. We decided to take the tram up and back down to save our legs early on and it was so worth it. Ended up being an 11 mile hike with 3000+ ft elevation gain even with cutting out the hike from Interlaken to Harderkulm. It was in the 80’s with full sun once out on the ridge so it felt more challenging than expected, though the most sweat came from the ups and downs in the trees getting up the the exposed ridge. Stunning views of the lakes and bigger mountains and the narrow ridge trail was unique and fun. Very memorable and highly recommended.

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Did the whole Hardergrat trail today, starting in Interlaken and ending at Briemz Rothorn. I started at 5:15 am and made it to the station at 4:40pm. I definitely would have started earlier to make sure I made the last train down at 5:40 pm but I didn't have a headlamp, so I started right at sunrise. When I started I had 4.5 L of water on me, I drank one liter by time I got to Harder Klum and refilled it in the bathroom there, and had less than half a liter left when I finished the hike. I would recommend having at least 5 liters from the start. There were a few small snow patches near Augstmatthorn, but they were safely crossable. Closer to Brienz Rothorn on the north side of the ridge there are still 3 sections with a decent amount of snow. One of them is a very steep uphill section, I would highly recommend having an ice axe for this section. I was given a 2 ft long piece of rebar by someone hiking the other direction that I used as an ice axe/trekking pole, don't know if I would have made it without that. In a few weeks the snow will have melted completely and it will be much safer.

If you go all the way this trail is quite challenging at the end. Very steep incline and sheer drops on both sides in several spots. Take plenty of food and water and be aware the weather can drastically change very quickly. Some of the trail is covered in snow (late June) and requires you to navigate around it.

I didn’t do this entire hike. Went to about an hour before Augstmatthorn. Was a gorgeous day and once the trail broke wide open - spectacular. I headed Olivia’s advice and took the funicular up and hiked down. She was so right. Was pretty muddy in patches but seemed to have dried up my mid day.

Had to stop recording to save battery life, but I made it within a mile of Augstmatthorn. I lost the trail in the snow and it started to rain, so I turned around and headed back to Harderkulm. My advice, skip the hike up to the platform and get the rail to the top. Then, if you aren’t too tired after the hike out to Augstmatthorn, hike back down to Interlaken to save the 16 francs! Awesome trail and saw only three other people (and lots of mountain goats) out there!

We did this trail in two sections , the first from Interlaken to Lombachalp taking the funicular from Interlaken to Harder Kulm Panorama Restaurant. From there the trail starts climbing through some forests,it takes a little patience but once you reach the open meadows and Suggiture comes in to view it becomes well worth it. The ridge trail between Suggiture and Augstmatthorn has is absolutely beautiful and makes you want to run. Just before reaching Augstmatthorn you pass the trail sign that will lead you to Lombach Alp They can arrange for a ride to Habkern where hourly buses go to Interlaken. To hike from Lombach Alp to Habkern would take about 1 hour 3.2 miles. through open fields. The second section we did from Brienzer Rothorn to Lombach Alp in spite of starting at the top it still gets about 3000ft. altitude gain. For this section it definitely needs to be dry as there are parts in the critical sections that become very slick when wet. This is the section with some spectacular Crest walks that require total concentration I usually never use hiking sticks, but here they can ad a sense of safely. What is amazing is that many of these Mountains look hard and intimidating at first but before you know it you’re on top.

Hike was great but the trails are sparsely marked. Started out doing one trail and ended up in another harder and steeper route. But all in all, all the trails lead to the same place and def worth the hike.

We started from the top of the funicular so we skipped the first 2.5 miles ($16 one way) so it could cut off about 5 miles and 1500 feet of elevation. From the top of the funicular we hiked 2.3 miles (one way) to a cool lookout. Before that it was mostly a really nice walk through a wooded area with some steep drops but only a few semi clear spots to look out and no big vistas going only that far. After one big climb at the start it was just small ups and downs. We got rained out so the grassy ridgeline will have to wait until another time, not sure how much farther it was. One note: if you don't buy a round trip ticket on the funicular from the bottom, you're committed to walking down because they don't sell tickets at the top. We learned this the hard way in the rain.

did the first half of this trip but unfortunately had to cut it short due to time. views are great and the route is not very hard. we walked down at ringgenberg halfway where there is a decent path (takes 1-1,5 hours). will be back this summer for the full hike!

Hiked from the top platform about 2 miles out and back on the ridge. Was a beautiful hike and was very easy once on the ridge.

hiked from the bottom tram station to the overlook platform. didn’t go all the way across. the hike up to the platform was challenging. multiple trail extensions to add to a hike if you want. the hike goes through a cow pasture and has some amazing views on the way up. took 2 hrs up with some extra parts, 1 hr down. totally worth the hike to known at the top you earned the view!

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