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11 months ago

DEDICATION: I offer my first words to all the MEN and WOMEN of the safe mountain range of Cazorla and the villages. For its incredible landscapes and its villages already demolished and abandoned by the passage of time, also for their farmhouses in ruins, also for their many caves that they used, also to their paths and horseshoe paths where they traveled in their comings and goings to the villages of these mountains. Thank you for making possible today thousands of routes can be made for their roads and paths in the safe Sierra de Cazorla and the villas. MY DEDICATION TO MY COMPANIONS AND COMPANIONS ------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------ THANK YOU COMPANIONS FOR THIS DAY AND THIS ROUTE ... OK MACHINES ROUTE PERFORMED BY: RICHARD24 PEDRO PINO FELIPE AND OK PERICO ("" "THE GUIDE ... jjjjjjjjjjj I laugh for not crying . "" "") "" IMPORTANT "" IF YOU DOWNLOAD THE ROUTE, TRY TO AVOID THE HARD PASSES AND SEEK THE BEST WAY. "" "" I LEAVE YOU TO YOUR CHOICE "" "" I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO WALK THROUGH THE SIERRA BAJO MI RESPONSIBILITY AND DO NOT BLAME ANYONE OF MY TROPIES AND FALLS AND WHAT IS MY DECISION. (MY COMPANION AND PARTNERS ARE OF MY SAME IDEAS AND CONCERNS) ?? SO WHICH EACH DECIDE WHERE, HOW AND WHEN?

Thursday, September 22, 2016