Photos of Ei Yunque National Forest Nature Trips Trails

Trail is still closed but totally doable! Just pass the barrier and prepare to bushwhack a little and have fun! At no point were we unclear about the direction of the path. We managed to do this in the rain.

Just be sure to wear long pants!! There are long grasses along the way that will tear up your legs. They stick to you and have these sharp edges that draw blood. And find a stick to knock down all the spider webs. By the time you’re heading back down, there will already be more! Fun hike and recommended for the adventurous!

There is one lookout near the top where you can feel the strong winds rushing over the peak. This is honestly far cooler than the little lookout tower on top. Hold your arms out and feel like you’re flying! Just don’t slip!

Never seen a forest of palms before! Super cool and worth the effort.