Cons: 70% is a dirt road; only a couple opportunities for a view; no trail markings; parking is difficult; trail not maintained on non-dirt road sections/severe overgrowth

Pros: easy walk; tons of birds chirping

Magical trail ! ( I don’t remember seeing a waterfall ?) We did it in 3 hours with a 9 months old baby in a backpack carrier. ( we had to stop to feed him) You definitely need to be fit - as there is some climbing involved halfway - and you have to go through a very dense laurisilva forest (30 min) which is the most mystical part. Trail shoes are necessary as it is slippery. Enjoy !

Wonderful hike even though midway I would rate this as moderately difficult climbing over the lava rocks. the forest is definitely mystical and leprechauns could have certainly made this their home! It rained but we still loved the hike!!

Sunday, April 09, 2017