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Slītere National Park is located on the west coast of Latvia, in the Courland Peninsula. It used to be a nature reserva and was upgraded to a national park in 2000. It is the smallest national park and its landscape consists of "Zilie Kalni" or "Blue Hills", broadleaf forests, dunes and bogs. It is home to a variety of animals including many birds.

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65,483 acres
+371 28385025
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#1 - Slitere Nature Trail
Slitere National Park
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Length: 1.4 mi • Est. 45 m
The trail is used as a cognitive trail by the Nature educational centre “Slītere” of the Nature Protection Agency. The trail starts at the Slītere lighthouse with a steep stair climbing downhill. As soon as you reach the wooden boardwalk downstairs, the great ferns and other plants around creates the impression of real wilderness and a feeling of entering into a dinosaur era kingdom. For almost a century, the nature processes have been happening here without interruption. This area is the protected nature territory since 1923 and had been closed for tourists for many years. Relatively natural forest has been growing here since the end of the Ice Age. Hence, the trail reveals old, natural broadleaf (deciduous) and spruce forests with big trees and fallen deadwood. The trail continues crossing the alcaline fen and wetland. The small swamp and forest territory that the trail crosses, is the home of many rare, endangered plant and animal species, including the inspect and moss species, which haven’t been present so far anywhere else in Latvia. The yew (Taxus baccata), one of the four conifer trees present in Latvia, which is recorded in the Latvian Red Book as a protected tree, also grows in the area. Show more