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Best hike ever!!! Did the 3d2n trip in july 2018 and did not regret it. Like our guide said, it is the crazy program.

Amazing hike with a superb view

Trail is fairly well used but it seems less so recently due to the earthquakes in July and August 2018, rendering large parts of the trail impassable. This includes the trek down into the crater and the climb to the highest peak. I have done shorter more intense treks and longer less intense treks and this one sits somewhere in the middle - 2 days of steep and often uneven trekking. The first 2 thirds of the trek is through jungle with tree roots and fallen logs making up the “stairs”, along with slightly muddy trails. In some areas the trail edges along the top of landslide, but the trail is sturdy. The jungle gives way abruptly to grass tufts and sparse alpine trees and the view as you ascend is beautiful. This is also the steepest part of the trek and the path is a mixture between volcanic acres and and football sized stones all the way to the crater rim. Upon arrival at the rim you are rewarded with a view of the caldera, containing a lake, which itself contains the newly forming “baby volcano”, which can be seen smoking. It really can’t be described fully in words, the magnificence of it all! Absolutely breathtaking! Perhaps one of the most beautiful views I have had the privilege of witnessing! There are many comments in other reviews about the amount of rubbish left along the trails... there is some, but not so much as I expected, besides the campsites at the crater rim. If using a guide (which I did) expect to pay between 1.7m and 2.5m rupia, which included transport from Bangsal to Sanur, 1 night lodging in Sanur w/ breakfast, a motorbike to the trail starting point, a guide, a porter, all meals during the trek (yum), tent, sleeping bag, foam roll for a mattress, and some generally good company! Night time on the rim was windy and around 10 degrees Celsius. I brought with me a small day bag with some snacks and my warm clothes, power bank and valuables. The only thing I might have brought extra would be some knee braces and perhaps a small first aid kit with bandaids and the like. Also, ask your guides to point out which plants sting, haha! Jokes aside, I found this out the hard way while taking a wizz in the bushes. The stinging can last days to weeks and there’s not much you can do about it. All in all this trek was one of the most rewarding treks I have experienced! The only real negative is that I would have loved to do the full, 3/4 day trek. The damaged trails are currently under repair and are expected to be operational towards the end of 2019... so keep an ear to the ground (no pun intended) for news regarding this. Enjoy, stay safe, and take a bit of trash home with you :)

Incredible hike, quite challenging. Heat for the first half is tough, and then one becomes fairly chilly at the crater’s edge and last third of the hike. The views are out of this world, especially as you ascend into cloud cover. The porters and guides who work the mountain are some of the hardest working people who do a dangerous task for your enjoyment — don’t forget to tip them generously!

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Summitted Rinjani in 2015. The trail is absolutely brutal at times and the views are worth it. Unfortunately, trash and waste is everywhere. Cleaning the place up would be a monumental task. Still have to give it 5 stars. Humbling experience.

The trail is short but offers beautiful views of the crater, Lombok and the surrounding islands. Trail is intensely overused and suffers greatly from mass failure to follow Leave No Trace principles. Human and inorganic waste is everywhere in the campsites and common along the trail.

Most challenging hike I've done

Plan a 6d5n itinerary to be comfortable and soak in the beautiful sights and sounds. the popular itinerary 3d2n is definitely rushed, tiring and offers what this trail deserves! Good luck!

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