Friday, February 24, 2017

Á-3 Through the woods
Distance: 4 km (one way)
Walking time: 1,5 hr
Starting point: Visitor Centre
Path difficulty: Easy route (blue). Biking is allowed on this route.

This route starts at the Visitor Centre in Ásbyrgi and goes follows a path that lies below the eastern wall of Ásbyrgi all the way south to the pond Botnstjörn in the bottom of the canyon. The route goes through various forestry plots as during the years 1947-1977 foreign conifers were planted in Ásbyrgi. Various bird species nest in the diverse forest groves. Prior to more modern lifestyles the birch wood was used for building houses, as firewood and for the grazing of livestock. It is possible to combine this route with route Á-4 and make a ring route.