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Á-3 Through the woods
Distance: 4 km (one way)
Walking time: 1,5 hr
Starting point: Visitor Centre
Path difficulty: Easy route (blue). Biking is allowed on this route.

This route starts at the Visitor Centre in Ásbyrgi and goes follows a path that lies below the eastern wall of Ásbyrgi all the way south to the pond Botnstjörn in the bottom of the canyon. The route goes through various forestry plots as during the years 1947-1977 foreign conifers were planted in Ásbyrgi. Various bird species nest in the diverse forest groves. Prior to more modern lifestyles the birch wood was used for building houses, as firewood and for the grazing of livestock. It is possible to combine this route with route Á-4 and make a ring route.

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Á-2 Eyjan hill in Ásbyrgi
Distance: 4,5 km (back and forth)
Walking time: 1,5-2 hrs
Starting point: Car park in front of the service house at the campsite
Path difficulty: Easy route (blue)

The trail upon Eyjan (“the island”) in Ásbyrgi starts at the parking lot at the campsite. The trail heads first north and then it goes up the cliff where it is suitable for ascent. Wood steps have been put up for easier access. When up at the Eyjan the path goes soon past an old pile of stone. If you turn around there, the route is 2 km long, but if the path is followed further south, it goes all the way to the edge of the cliff. From there is a beautiful view over Ásbyrgi. This route is an enjoyable evening stroll.

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Á-1 Botnstjörn pond
Distance: 1 km (circle) with other possibilities.
Asbyrgi_Utsynishaed_Helga_2010Walking time: ½ -1 hr
Starting point: At the innermost car park in Ásbyrgi canyon.
Path difficulty:
From the car park to the upper platform, under the west wall of the canyoun - Green route.
Other routes in the area are mostly easy - Blue route.

There are several easy and interesting routes in the bottom of Ásbyrgi, starting at the car park. A walk down stone steps leads to a platform at the small pond, Botnstjörn. There is also a nice view over the pond from a platform located underneath the west wall of the canyon. The route to this platform, from the parking lot, is suitable for people with restricted mobility. A few steps from the platform are stone steps that lead up to a small hill with a nice view over the Ásbyrgi canyon.

V-3 Hljóðaklettar circle
Distance: 3 km (circle)
Walking time: 1-1,5 hr
Starting point: Hljóðaklettar parking area
Route difficulty: Challenging route (red).

Hljóðaklettar (Echo Rocks) are the remains of ancient volcanoes which have been heavily eroded by the Jökulsá river, leaving only the volcanic plugs behind. It is interesting to listen to the cliff acoustic near the river and walk between the unique geological phenomena: basalt columns in various shapes, cliffs, honeycomb weathering and caves. A part of the circular route is difficult to cross. It is possible to make the route easier and shorter (~ 1 km) by going only to the first rock, Tröllið (“the Troll”) and turn around there (route V-2).

V-2 Hljóðaklettar
Distance: 1 km (back and forth)
Walking time: 0,5 hr
Starting point: Parking area at Hljóðaklettar
Route difficulty: Easy route (blue).

An easy and short trail from the parking area down to Hljóðaklettar. The first rock is one of the few rocks in Hljóðaklettar which has a specific name, Tröllið (The Troll). If you follow the path a couple of meters east from the Troll (to the right) and walk over a slightly rocky trail you can see beautiful basalt columns and honey comb weathering. The same path is followed back to the parking area.

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V-1 Eyjan hill in Vesturdalur
Distance: 1 km (circle)
Walking time: 0,5 hr
Starting point: Campground (by the more easterly WC)
Route difficulty: Challenging route (red).

From the campsite in Vesturdalur a short trail leads around the northernmost point of Eyjan, the “Island”, in Vesturdalur. Along the way you pass moss covered rocks and small ponds. This short walk is ideal for an evening stroll.

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V-6 Svínadalur circle
Distance: 7 km (circle)
Walking time: 2-3hrs
Starting point: Hljóðaklettar parking area
Route difficulty: Challenging route (red).

The trail starts at the parking area at Hljóðaklettar and goes south past the old Trolls, Karl and Kerling and towards Kallbjarg. In the last century there was a pulley over the river at Kallbjarg, which was used to transport essentials from one side to the other. From Kallbjarg the route heads west to the farm Svínadalur, deserted since 1946 and then it turns north. The trail goes over Eyjan (the Island) and then it goes down into the Vesturdalur valley and goes along the Vesturdalsá River to the camp site. From there the easiest way back to the parking area is to follow the road.

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The first part of the trail is the same as in route V-3 but by the cave of Kirkjan (the Church) the trail branches from the main path and rises along a gentle wooded slope leading to Rauðhólar (Red hills). Rauðhólar is a row of scoria cones. During this fascinating walk you can experience a great variety of geological phenomena and the views to the canyon in the north and Hljóðaklettar in the south are exceptional. Please note that the park authorities have had to prohibit walking up to the highest hill. Due to intrusion it was starting to flatten out.

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