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Wildland picnicking on a Norfolk Island pine forested ridge. Fine views of Manoa and Palolo valleys. Hardy family hiking in the forest reserve.

washed out
5 days ago

This is a fantastic trail! It is also very tough for someone who is not a regular hiker. There’s a parking lot and bathroom to start out. The trail has a variety of ups and downs, and right now is very muddy and slick. There are a number of ropes to help make it up the tougher sections. This is an endurance workout. Getting to the top/ridge section is well worth the view! There are gorgeous views throughout. I highly recommend this hike!

Second time doing this hike and liked it better than last, a lot less muddy! I still didn’t get to see the views from the summit due to the overcast skies. Highly recommend waiting for a clear day to do this hike. Otherwise it is not that hard and does have beautiful views along the whole way.

This is a fun trail to run. It follows the ridge up to the top. The ropes were more of a tripping hazard than help. The view at the top is worth it. It goes up and down quite a lot and the closer to the top you get the more muddy it gets. Don’t miss this trail. It is lots of fun.

Fantastic views at the top and all along the way! Not terribly difficult, and only a couple spots that truly required the ropes. Might be a little more difficult if it was muddy, but otherwise very doable.

Finally made it to the top!

On the easier end of hard hikes. Very well maintained trail with beautiful views of Honolulu on the hike up. At the peak, great panoramic views of Kailua and Honolulu. Mild incline until the last few hundred meters to the summit (but good ropes to help). Wouldn’t recommend bringing a dog if you plan on going to the peak. We hiked on a dry day—not sure how it would be if muddy.

Great trail but definitely a challenge due to combination of length, scrambles and elevation changes. Lots of shade which was nice but still some great views. I wore micro-spikes which are very helpful on the muddy and slick parts of the trail.

I loved the hike. Maybe not for all levels as you have to use ropes at the end but slow and steady will get you through. Very enjoyable.

I liked this trail a lot! I was looking for a ridge hike that wasn't completely exposed like some of the others, and this was it. I did choose to stop at the very last ridge to the summit because it looked sketchy in the wet fog. Brought micro-spikes and gloves -- used them only on the way down, which was definitely helpful.

Some tips: 1) bring 3x the amount of water you'd take for a medium lvl hike- it gets very hot, 2) go on a sunny day or a day when there hasn't been any rain recently, 3) theres a sign halfway that says one of two trails is closed- go to the right- the upward trail. Overall very fun, beautiful views throughout, and any tougher spots were fun to navigate! Also, if you happen to be scared of heights, go slow, because this one gets a little precarious

Amazing! I started the hike at 6:30 AM so I had to park in the neighborhood because the gate wasn’t open yet. If you check out my recording, it would not take that long assuming you don’t take a million photos like me. :) I also went off course slightly at one point and had to back track. The views were amazing and kept getting better and better. Ate breakfast in the clouds. Perfect hike. Some bouldering and rope work at the top.

good hike when its dry. sweeping 300 degree views of south shore at the top of mt olympus. bring plenty of water and keep your eyes out for strawberry guava in season.

Pants were a poor choice it was too hot and sunny! Great views on the way up however the summit is a bit lackluster if you go to the end shown on the app. You can see the East side too! It was beautiful and the rope section was a lot of fun. Pack a ton of water with how sunny it was we ran out before the end.

3 months ago

A quick mildly challenging hike with really great views. highly recommend.

Love this trail, beautiful view and my trail pup loves sit too.

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