Photos of Round Top Forest Reserve Bird Watching Trails

over grown
2 days ago

Not too many on this trail which was a nice thing. I encountered humans on four occasions. Animals were present such as a scattering of geckos and midway into the hike three pua'a. Also met five terrier dogs and later their hunter owners. The dogs were a welcome sight considering the unknowns of those wild pua'a and they even followed me a bit. The ground was relatively dry even in the forest canopy areas. The toughest parts for me were the initial climb and closer to the top an area of overgrown grasses. Slow and steady up there. The view from the top as always was awesome but I looked up at other ridges with an ambition of climbing those later. On the way down one of the terriers greeted me (honestly scared the heck out of me) but I met the others and they got their pua'a which makes for a good day for any hunters. Quality hike overall.

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