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This hike has great views and interesting bits of information along the way. Parking isn't great if you go during peak times. It is very hot so bring lots of water! There are many lookout points that are great for pictures. Very easy!

The trail is fine. What is really enjoyable is the little beach when you get there. There's a spot to jump off the rocks that's pretty fun. The water is mostly rocky closer to shore, but further out it was good for swimming and jumping.

This trail is nicely paved. Usually crowded, but parking spots seem to open up quickly. No shade and can get pretty hot. Not my favorite hike because there are so many people, but it's an easier hike that's easy to access. The trail kind of takes you above the lighthouse. If you are wanting a side angle view of the lighthouse the best spot is driving a bit further to Makapu'u Beach.

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2 days ago

Hike around the mountainside pass Alan Davis Beach & Pele's Chair to the cave & tidepools during winter months. One of my favorite hikes on Oahu. Hike up mountain & down Makapu'u LIghthouse trail on return. **Bring swimsuit, sunscreen & water

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3 days ago

I did this hike a couple years ago and I didn’t know it was closed then just followed my friends \(^~^)/ hands down the best view I’ve ever seen it’s extremely sketchy! My brooks were TORN apart coming down because of the rocks it’s 7 miles in but we only completed 4/5 after passing the puka it’s nothing but walking on the edge one wrong step and it’s death ...second time I tried to go I noticed all the signs and HPD was there... wish this wasn’t private property /:

A very easy, paved trail. It's the best place to see the sunrise! We enjoyed our last day in Hawaii with this trail! In total it took us about an hour total there and back.

Very nice paved trail. Easy. Great around sunset. Kid friendly and pet friendly.

Very nice paved trail. Easy. Great around sunset. Kid friendly and pet friendly.

This is far too touristy and trafficked. Don't leave your valuables in the car when you park; theft is frequent.

Easy walk up the paved single Lane road to the summit. Great photo ops.

This is a very doable hike in Hawaii. the trail is paved all the way to the top, but is also more hot because of the pavement and no shade. There's not a whole lot to look at, until you get to the top and have a beautiful view of the lighthouse and almost the entire East side of Oahu.

Nice and easy hike that leads down to a fun secluded beach.

Paved trail that is heavily trafficked. However, it is worth it as the views throughout the hike are incredible and it is a good cardio workout!

Paved trail. Highly trafficked. There is a pillbox or two off trail that are easy to get to with amazing views.

Beautiful and so easy!

17 days ago

I wasn’t able to complete this trail as I had a bad knee. It’s pretty steep and rocky so be careful with your footing. We went a little less than halfway down the cliff before turning around and coming back up but the view was still beautiful. Next time I hope to have better shoes and knees so I can go all the way down and take a dip in the pools.

One of my first hikes in 2016. Not my favorite but it’s well loved my all. There’s supposedly a pillbox if you go off the trail (google it!) and tidepools down below but use caution. HOT! Paved trail adds to the heat. Lots lots lots of water.

Amazing trail and amazing views. No shade or water near.

Not too bad of a hike.

I'd say it's more moderate difficulty due to the fact it's just uphill with little shade. The views at the top are amazing!!

Beautiful views all around and well worth the hike up. Great work out if you chose to go fast. Many people are there so go early! Bring water and a light slicker in case it rains. Windy, but not bad. I love to take visitors on this trail!!!

It's not the prettiest hike. Basically just a dry, flat gravel road with some cool flowers down to Alan Davis Beach, which is a secluded beach that isn't all that impressive. The tide pools and Pele's Chair are pretty cool though. It's an easy hike, good for children or those not in as good of shape but still wanting to get out and explore.

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1 month ago

PARK: recommend arriving before 10 am to get a parking spot, especially on the weekends. Otherwise, you may need to wait until someone leaves. HIKE: as others have stated, there is NO shade. It is a wide paved trail suitable for strollers (looks more like a single-lane road). There are four lookout spots to take a breather and photos. The lighthouse view from lookout four is cool but island views from the top are amazing. This hike is known for whale sightings (not today, season needs to be right). BRING: water, hat, sunscreen, camera, dog on leash. COMPARE: likely should be rated between easy and moderate due to constant elevation climb. If wheelchair bound, there is an option to see top of incline (other side island view) but there are a dozen stairs at the highest landing.

The trail was super easy pathed road and the view was breath taking there are a lot of little trails off of the main in so definitely make a day out of it and you can wear a bathing suit many places to get down to the water at

Family friendly trail with an excellent view of the coastline and ocean. You can go off trail and swim in tide pools. Excellent path to work out on.

Great trail that’s lightly trafficked and fairly easy. No significant elevation gains. Can do in slippers if no recent rains, else can get muddy. Saw some people who brought dogs. The trail gives access to secluded beach and followed the shoreline, then we came back on inland portion. Nice breeze and great views! Recommend doing in evening to catch sunset skies without the heat.

Beautiful. Easy with kids (you can use a stroller). Amazing views.

Pretty easy

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