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Eifel National Park is Germany's 14th national park and lies within the North Rhine-Westphalia region. The park is located on the border between Germany and Belgium and offers many miles of trails for hiking, cycling, and riding. The park is also home to the famed Wilderness Trail, which is broken into 4 stages and runs between Monschau and Höfen. Another well-known through route, the Eifelsteig, runs through the park. Guided tours are available from park rangers, or you can choose to explore the trails on your own.

I would describe the way as very simple. Most of the time (especially at the beginning) you walk on a wide forest / gravel road. For me actually rather boring but if you really want to stand in a forest again, highly recommended. The short ascent is on a mostly paved path. The most beautiful is the path in the last third, after the viewpoint. I ran the full T2 way and took well under 4h (as you can see).

this was a fun walk. took it easy the whole time and enjoyed the nice spring day. not too busy and room for the dog to enjoy himself too.

21 days ago

easy train, some elevation at the start. one vieuwpoint with great view.

1 month ago

easy hike along marked trails, can be done by bike, with a dog or running.

The trail on the Wilder Kermeter is barrier-free and for the whole family. We had made this walk with a ranger who could give us a lot of information. For example, we should complete the trail with the Wild Way. That had been well worth it.

This trail is dog friendly. It is not a real wilderness hike. You will hike next to homes, abandoned buildings, and hunting areas. It ultimately leads you into a village that you must walk through to continue on the trail. We stopped for a coffee so it wasn’t too bad. Be careful! There are still active mines in some areas so do NOT go off trail. Fishing was allowed in some areas of the river but nothing else. This should be rated as moderate definitely not hard.

A hearty mountain / forest hike with some steep ascents and descents. Do not wander when the surface is smooth. Sturdy Footwear Note: The FireWatch Tower burned down in 2017. Whether a new building / construction will take place is currently. not yet determined.

Sprudelquelle and slate stone as a theme for this tour

4 months ago

Panoramic view of the Urfttal From Wollseifen the signposted hiking trail (Vogelsang) leads you through the magnificent Neffgesbachtal past the former group accommodation on the Vogelsang area, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Urfttal on the way to the "Forum".

This scenic walk leads us from Einruhr up to the "beautiful view" with a great panorama. Further vantage point: "Spicher" and "Wolfshügel"

Bark and oak leaves Cost the water at the Heilsteinhaus Now turn right and walk for two kilometers on the idyllic path between shady forest edge and bubbling Sauerbach. The trail ends at the road between Einruhr and Erkensruhr, where you turn right and walk along the road to the crossroads on the main road. Attention: here you have to turn left and walk about 100 m along the road to get over the sidewalk to first entrance to Einruhr. Along the Heilsteinstraße and the Rurstraße you finally reach the Heilsteinhaus, where refreshing water awaits you.

4 months ago

Waldstube, glade and chapel everything a hiker needs

Mountain and panorama circular walk with long ascents and descents.

A high altitude hike with wonderful country views

Small round in the Eifel National Park

A tour for the whole family in the heart of the Kermeters

A hike through the middle of the Natinoalpark Eifel

The Dreiborn plateau is especially beautiful for the broom bloom in June

On the site also visit the information point Vogelsang IP

4 months ago

You can also find another beaver trail in Hürtgenwald on my page under Hikes in Gey / Großhau.

4 months ago

A short entertaining tour with great panoramic views

This is one of 5 Theme Tours in the National Park (T2). Recommended.

4 months ago

Beautiful hiking tour in the Rureifel. Refreshments on the lake in Obermabach

Great views from the wayside and along Buntsandsteinfelsen

Theme Trail of the Eifel National Park (T1) Recommended

This is one of several theme tours of the Eifel National Park (T7).

4 months ago

Great hike overlooking the reservoir.

4 months ago

Nice tour along the Perlenbachtalsperre.

Great hike. Stop in the monastery restaurant. Recommended the well-known pea soup.

4 months ago

Very nice, entertaining hiking tour under 2 hours. Little slopes, along the forest edge at the Rur and through the forest.

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