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Best trails in Bavarian Forest National Park

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Looking for a great trail in Bavarian Forest National Park, Bavaria? AllTrails has 35 great hiking trails, mountain biking trails, trail running trails and more, with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. Ready for some activity? There are 16 moderate trails in Bavarian Forest National Park ranging from 4.7 to 16.8 miles and from 2,014 to 4,724 feet above sea level. Start checking them out and you'll be out on the trail in no time!

The Bavarian Forest National Park extends along the Bavarian-Czech border between Bayerisch Eisenstein in the Regen district and Mauth in the Freyung-Grafenau district. On October 7, 1970, the large reserve was opened as the first national park in Germany. Together with the neighboring Šumava National Park in the Czech Republic, it forms the largest contiguous forest reserve in Central Europe. The motto “let nature be nature” applies to more than 24,000 hectares in the Bavarian Forest. According to this philosophy, the forests with their moors, mountain streams and peaks are allowed to develop into boundless forest wilderness according to their very own laws. This is how yesterday's economic forest becomes tomorrow's primeval forest. The result is a unique biodiversity. Rare animals such as lynx, otters, capercaillie or owl find a home again. There are also 16 species of beetles that are considered to be relics of the jungle and only occur in extremely natural forests. The particularly strong biodiversity is based, among other things, on the high proportion of dead wood, which is both the food base and habitat for hundreds of insects, fungi and birds. Natural processes of growth and decay in the forest ecosystem are permitted in the national park, in that dead trees or trees that have been toppled by wind remain in the natural environment. Thanks to around 350 kilometers of marked hiking trails, over 200 kilometers of marked bike paths and around 80 kilometers of groomed trails, the national park is wonderfully accessible for nature lovers. Circular hiking trails, which are marked by an animal symbol on a yellow background, always lead back to the starting point. Routes, marked by plant symbols on a white background, lead from A to B. There are also some long-distance hiking trails, for example the Goldsteig or the European long-distance hiking trail E6, with special symbols. Behavioral tips In the Bavarian Forest National Park you can experience largely untouched nature, relax and inform yourself. Please note - to protect nature, but also your person - the following information: -Always ensure that you have good equipment: sturdy shoes, drinks, a first aid kit, bad weather clothing and mobile phone, and don't forget your helmet on bike tours. This is for your own safety. -Please be aware of the dangers of falling trees and falling dead wood. The use of the trails is at your own risk. Please leave the forest in strong winds for your own protection. -Please stay on the marked paths. This serves to protect sensitive animal and plant species. - Cycling is only allowed on marked cycle paths in the national park. Mountain bike tours leading through the middle of the terrain or cycling on the hiking trails are strictly prohibited. - Spending the night in nature is prohibited in the national park. Please use the designated shelters and accommodations in the national park region for overnight stays. -Please don't leave any rubbish in the area! Dog waste bags or handkerchiefs have no place in nature either. Help keep our wild forest clean. Also observe the following rules: -Do not take anything with you. -Parking only in the signposted parking lots. -Fire only in designated places. -Do not let dogs run free. -Bathing not allowed. -Do not feed animals. - Don't worry animals. You can find more information on the homepage:

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#1 - Lusen Rundweg
Bavarian Forest National Park
moderateYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarGray Star(7)
Length: 5.7 mi • Est. 3 h 8 m
The circular route to Lisen via the summer route in the Bavarian Forest is very impressive. Not only the striking summit, but also the accumulation of bizarre rock around the hiking trail make this route something special. Since this area fell victim to bark beetles in the early 1990s, you can now observe the natural development of the forest in the area, because the forest is gradually returning here. At the Fredenbrücke car park cross the Kleine Ohe on a wooden bridge and walk along the stream, following the 'Ranne' mark, slightly uphill to the idyllic Martinsklause. After a short rest, the path continues steeply uphill on rocky ground, briefly over a paved path. The path now leads fairly steeply to a T-junction, where you turn right with the 'Ranne' and after a few minutes reach the legendary Teufelsloch. Then it goes, steadily uphill, through a wild, varied mountain mixed forest to a small platform. Here a display shows impressively how quickly the forest recovers and regrows after a bark beetle infestation. Cross on a boardwalk to the Glasarche. There walk past the information pavilion on the 'Ranne' in the direction of Lusengipfel. The path climbs in a straight line and soon offers great views of the Lusen covered with granite blocks. Proceed to overcome the steep rock steps of the so-called Himmelsleiter, which soon brings us to the summit. After a rest at the summit, descend with the marking 'Luchs' to the southeast and after a few minutes pass the Lusenschutzhaus ( seasonally managed). Continue downhill on the gravel path, always following the 'lynx' to the Waldhausreibe (toilets available). Cross Lusenstrasse diagonally and follow the 'Green Triangle' marking opposite the information board to the left into the forest. On a boardwalk it is initially flat, then slightly uphill over the Waldhäuserriegel through some rock groups before crossing the Lusenstraße again. After approx. 100 m parallel to the road you will find the marking 'Wren'. It is worth taking a short detour to the Igelbus stop and the Waldhäuserausblick car park (approx. 100 m, toilets available). There you have a great view over the mountain village of Waldhäuser and a distant view over the forests of the national park far into the apron. Coming from the original path turn right at the 'Wren' sign towards Martinsklause. The path stretches slightly downhill until reaches the reservoir again. After the top of the dam keep left to hike the already familiar 'Ranne' path along the Kleine Ohe downhill to the starting point at Fredenbrücke.Show more
#2 - Höllbachgspreng-Falkenstein-Runde
Bavarian Forest National Park
hardYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow Star(2)
Length: 8.1 mi • Est. 4 h 15 m
This route leads through the original area of the Bavarian Forest National Park to the very scenic Großer Falkenstein summit. On the way there you hike through a pristine gorge on wildly romantic paths. This is located in the Zwieseler Winkel at the foot of the Falkenstein massif. On the way you will also come across the Höllbachschwelle, a former Trift pond, which is ideal for a rest. A short distance above the rock trail begins through the Höllbachgspreng. Gspreng is an expression for impassable rock and tree terrain, and this area is impassable if it weren't for the well-developed path. Below a waterfall, the Höllbachfall, it crosses the stream and leads through a bizarre jungle landscape in gorge-like terrain. Soon the path widens to the path and joins a forest path, which turns into a forest path after a few steps.Show more
#3 - Rachelrundweg
Bavarian Forest National Park
hardYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarGray Star(2)
Length: 7.1 mi • Est. 4 h 8 m
At P + R Spiegelau, we get on the Igelbus and drive to the Glassung stop (955 m above sea level). Once there, we follow the marking 'Auerhahn' in the direction of Rachel. Shortly after the bus shelter, the gravel path climbs steeply. This is followed by a long, steady ascent through mixed mountain forest, which later changes into high-altitude spruce forest. After about 1¼ hours we reach the Waldschmidthaus (1360 m above sea level, open in summer). It is worth taking a short detour to the right to see the lake. The 50 m long climb leads us to a small vantage point with a beautiful view over the Rachelsee and the mountain ranges of the Bohemian Forest. Back at the Waldschmidthaus, we continue to follow the 'Auerhahn' and climb the last hundred meters of altitude over rock steps until we finally arrive at the summit of the Großer Rachel (1453 m above sea level). After the rest at the summit, we begin our descent on the other side of the Rachel - further accompanied by the "Auerhahn". The path has an alpine character and leads downhill sometimes more gently, sometimes extremely steeply over rocky steps. At the next junction we keep to the right and make a short detour to the Rachel Chapel (1210 m above sea level). The Rachelsee shimmers green to blue below us. We choose the lower path from the chapel and descend back on the actual hiking path to the right. After a while the path bends clearly to the right and soon leads to a crossroads. We continue to follow the 'Auerhahn' to the next large intersection. We briefly leave the circular path 'Auerhahn' and walk to the right the last few meters to the Rachelsee (1057 m above sea level). The idyllic mountain lake testifies to the glaciation of the region during the last Ice Age and is the only larger natural lake in the Bavarian Forest National Park. Benches on the bank invite you to linger. After the break, we hike back to the last crossroads and follow the 'Auerhahn' mark, which we have become familiar with, in the direction of Gälle. The path now meanders leisurely downhill and ends after a while on a gravel path. We follow it almost flat until the 'Auerhahn' points to the right on a narrow forest path. Along the slope it goes through the mixed mountain forest with no noticeable difference in altitude. At the junction at the Feistenberg refuge, we keep to the right and finally arrive at Gälle, where the Igelbus takes us back to Spiegelau.Show more
#4 - Treetop path and animal open-air area in the Bavarian Forest National Park
Bavarian Forest National Park
easyYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarGray Star(6)
Length: 5.6 mi • Est. 2 h 14 m
Whether otter, bear or wolf - in the animal open area you can discover all the typical wild animals of the Bavarian Forest. Around 40 species of mammals and birds can be observed on 200 hectares. How to get there: there is a parking lot between the Lusen animal outdoor area and the treetop path, but there is another parking lot in Altschönau near the animal outdoor area, which is cheaper and in the shade. From here you have easy access to the animal enclosures. The animal enclosure is free, the treetop path is chargeable. Accessibility: all paths in the animal free area and most of the treetop path are suitable for wheelchairs and prams.Show more
#5 - Entlang des Schmalzbachs zum Schwellhäusl
Bavarian Forest National Park
moderateYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarGray StarGray StarGray StarGray Star(1)
Length: 6.7 mi • Est. 3 h 23 m
The Great Deffernik is an 11 kilometer long stream in the Bavarian Forest National Park. This route takes you along the Great Deffernik with its idyllic shores and bubbling water, and then along the Schwell Canal.Show more
#6 - Grenzüberschreitende Tour über den Siebensteinkopf
Bavarian Forest National Park
moderateYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow Star(1)
Length: 6.3 mi • Est. 3 h 17 m
At the Wistlberg car park near Finsterau, we get on the bus and let us take us to the Schwellgraben stop (1,100 m above sea level). There we start our hike with the 'pine marten' to the left in the direction of Reschbachklause. The nimble tree dweller will accompany us as a marker for almost the entire hike. The forest path stretches along an old moat until, after some time, it crosses the Reschbach on a stone bridge. We keep to the right and hike gently uphill to the Reschbachklause. We can see fresh beaver tracks on our right. Arrived at the Reschbachklause (1,130 m above sea level) we first cross the dam crest and then hike left on a path steadily uphill towards the source of the Moldau. After about a kilometer we reach a crossroads. Here there is the possibility of a worthwhile detour to the summit of the Siebensteinkopf. Detour: The 'pygmy owl' leads steadily uphill to the right. After a few hundred meters we are already at the summit of the Siebensteinkopf (1,263 m above sea level). After a rest at the summit, we take the same route back to the crossroads. Back at the crossroads we turn right with the 'pine marten' and follow it towards the source of the Moldau. After a short time we cross the national border and are now in the Czech Republic. At a sign a little later, the path bends to the left and after a while joins a large forest road intersection. An information board explains the role of the bark beetle in the forest ecosystem. We keep to the left and hike slightly downhill to a T-junction. Here we branch off to the right and after a few hundred meters we reach the contained Vltava source (1190 m above sea level). A covered snack area with information boards invites you to take a break. After the rest, we go back the same way, first to the T-junction, then left uphill to the large junction. Now we walk straight ahead and follow the forest path through the forest for a long time. After a while, a forest path branches off to the right. We follow this and after about one kilometer we reach the former border town of Bučina (1150 m above sea level). At the intersection we keep to the right and follow the tar road. Shortly after the big hotel (refreshment stops) on our right, the 'pine marten' branches off to the left. We follow it over meadows and through forests until we turn right at a crossroads. After a while we cross the Teufelsbach and are now back in Germany. We walk over the Teufelsbachklause, mostly along an old canal, back to the starting point of today's tour. There we get back on the bus that takes us back to the parking lot.Show more
#7 - Treetop Walk in the Bavarian Forest
Bavarian Forest National Park
easyYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarGray Star(2)
Length: 1.2 mi • Est. 36 m
This is the well-known Treetop Walk of the Bavarian Forest. The 44 meter high viewing platform can be reached via a 1,300 meter long wooden walkway with a 6% gradient. The viewing platform offers a wide view of the entire Bavarian Forest. Accessibility: The wooden path is accessible and suitable for people with wheelchairs, mental or physical disabilities. With a wheelchair you can get to the second viewing platform at a height of 40 meters. More detailed information can be found e.g. at more
#8 - Falkenstein Runde
Bavarian Forest National Park
hardYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow Star(3)
Length: 9.6 mi • Est. 5 h 32 m
Starting from parking lot 1 Zwieslerwaldhaus (left at the entrance to the village) or the Igelbus stop at Abzweig Wildniscamp (705 m above sea level), we first follow the tar road towards the town center. At the end of the large parking lot on our left, we turn right and follow the sign 'Heidelbeere' in the direction of Falkenstein. The hike leads alternately on forest roads and forest paths, mostly steadily uphill. At a crossroads we keep diagonally to the right with the 'blueberry' until we reach the hidden Höllbach threshold after a long time (toilets available) (990 m above sea level). At the small hut we turn left and walk along the Höllbach through rocks steeply uphill to a fork. There we cross the Höllbach at the waterfall on the left and continue to follow the blueberry through the Höllbachspreng. The steep path meanders through the impressive rock formations until, after a while, it stretches gently uphill along the slope. Over the Höllbachriegel, we finally climb the last few meters to the great Falkenstein (1,315 m above sea level). When we arrive at the summit, we are rewarded with an impressive view. After a rest on the summit or a stop at the Falkenstein shelter, we descend on the 'Goldsteig' in the direction of the Zwieslerwaldhaus. Passing the Falkenstein shelter, the path branches off to the right with the "Goldsteig" mark. The path leads straight through large bare areas. Here the forest was overturned by Hurricane Kyrill in 2007 and the wood in the development zone of the national park was removed - in accordance with the transitional legal regulations until 2027. At the next intersection we keep to the left, continue to cross the summit on the 'Goldsteig', the windthrow of which has been completely worked up except for a small area. The Wind Throw Adventure Trail (1,275 m above sea level) gives an idea of how the area would develop without human intervention. Unfolded root plates, trunks and crowns offer a wide variety of small habitats. Information boards explain the natural dynamics that unfold here. We follow our path further downhill until the Ruckowitzschachten opens in front of us (1,150 m above sea level). After we have crossed the pasture, the path drops steeply. We finally cross a bike path and follow the 'Goldsteig' through the Mittelsteighütte primeval forest area (730 m above sea level). At the next intersection there is an information board about the jungle area. We keep to the left and follow the "Ant" mark over a wooden bridge. Finally we leave the jungle area. The path leads along the outskirts of Zwieslerwaldhaus until we reach the asphalt road again. After a few hundred meters to the left, we reach our starting point again.Show more
#9 - Lusen Rundweg ab Waldhäuser
Bavarian Forest National Park
hardYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarGray Star(2)
Length: 7.5 mi • Est. 4 h 20 m
Waldhäuser is a small village in the middle of the Bavarian Forest. There is a parking lot by a small playground and across from the fire department. This is the best place to start the hike. Take the gravel road on the left of fire department. There are two options. 1) You can take the route down to Fredenbrücke. You will see a sign to the left after a short walk on the gravel road pointing to the way down to the bridge. This path is a somewhat steep decline. Cross the bridge and follow along the mountain stream up to Martinsklause. This is a beautiful stretch going along the stream and is reflected in the track submitted with this description. 2) Stay on the gravel road to Martinsklause. This will save time and some climbing back up from the Fredenbrücke. From Martinsklause follow the signs to Lusen, passing by Teufelsloch and a historical marking along the former glass trade route. At this point you will see the famous display of a large wooden hand holding what looks like a glass boat. Continuing on the trail you will come to the Himmelsleiter/ Heaven Stairway. This is a rocky climb of 500 steps up to the top of Mount Lusen. The mountain top itself is a unique geological formation of granit rocks. The climb to Mount Lusen will be rewarded with excellent views of the surrounding mountains of the Bavarian Forest. The trail then begins its decent, going by the Lusenschutzhaus where meals and beverages can be purchased during operating hours. You may want to check the times before leaving for the hike. A gravel road will take you then much of the way back to Waldhäuser. There is a nice foot path shortly after the parking lot located at Waldhausreibe. There are also public toilet facilities here. Follow the signs to the left to Waldhäuserriegel and then to Waldhäuser Panorama Lookout. The Panorama Lookout is an excellent place to watch the sunset. From there it is just a short way into the village and back to the parking lot by the fire statioin.Show more
#10 - A trip to the stone age
Bavarian Forest National Park
easyYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow Star(1)
Length: 1.6 mi • Est. 38 m
You can explore the Falkenstein National Park Center on the round trip, which is an experience especially for families with children. Stone Age caves, aurochs and primitive horses invite you to imagine the landscape in prehistoric times. In the Wilderness House there is an opportunity to stop off, visit the nature cinema and discover the National Park exhibition. Accessibility: the tour is barrier-free and suitable for wheelchair users and prams. Further information can be found at more
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