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Seriously people, this should be on your bucket list!! Ferried across the lake to the Refugio and hiked only to French Valley and back. Most of the trail was well maintained, there were a few soggy spots and places where the elevated path needed repair- but the views and the pristine environment make up for that. Did see an Andean Condor or two. Photo ops galore. Definitely want to make it back here someday!!! Love. It.

Best hike I've ever done. Difficult, but 100% worth it!


Wonderful hike. Great for a solo female backpacker. Very easy trail to follow so no navigational skills needed. Just follow the path. You cannot get lost on this hike and not much technical skill is needed. If you can walk you are already ready! Solo is fine, there are TONS of other people on this trail so I would say hello about every 20 minutes as I walked by other people. Also, since there are other solo travelers, many are happy to chat at camp and you are sure to find camping buddies if you need them! But even when I did not find a buddy I still felt completely safe. Do your research - lots of blog posts about this place and plan the route that suits your style best. I did it west to east with a 40L pack. I suggest a hat with a cord - this hike is very windy, and when I tried to wear a baseball cap it blew right off multiple times. In the end I wore a bandana for sun protection.

Beautiful walk! Absolutely worth it!!!

Great hike.

The best place in the world

Loved this hike; the scenery is absolutely stunning. I'd describe the hike as moderate rather than hard because there's not that much elevation gain. Also, the park's infrastructure is pretty good, so no need to carry your own tent - you can sleep in so called Refugios instead. I'd reccommend hiking from west to east and save the 'highlight' of the actual Torres for last. This is how i did it:
Day 1 - leave early from Puerto Natales, take the ferry across Lake Pehoe and hike from Paine Grande to Refugio Grey. Check out Grey Glacier in the late afternoon.
Day 2 - In the morning, hike up towards Campamento Paso to get a better view of the glacier, but then turn around an hike back to Refugio Pane Grande
Day 3 - Hike to Refugio Los Cuernos with a detour up Valle des Frances; it's a steep hike but the view is worth it
Day 4 - Hike to Refugio Chileno, drop your pack, and hike up to the base of the Torres
Day 5 - hike down to Hosteria Las Torres; there you can either take a shuttle bus to Laguna Amarga or keep on hiking (approx. another 1 1/2 h). The hike to Laguna Amarga is not that special, but you might get the chance to see some Guanacos up close. From L.Amarga take the bus back to Puerto Natales.

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7 months ago

Hard but possible!!! Amazing views all the trail. I prefer to do it with The Towers view at the end of the trip (west to east).

We just returned from completing this absolutely stunning yet challenging trek through Chilean Patagonia. We camped each night in a tent and got the full backpacking experience. This was the first time we have ever trekked with full packs so the biggest challenge for us was the weight of the packs over large distances and steep elevation gains. We did the trek East to West and spent an extra day kayaking and climbing Glacier Grey, which was amazing. Would recommend this trek to anyone who wants to see some of the most amazing natural beauty this world has to offer (and get much stronger leg and back muscles in the process)! I will be posting a more in depth review to my website soon and will post a link here when done.