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Easier than expected, but a great view from the top!

belle journée ensoleillée de décembre....assenssion quelques peu glacé près du sommet mais aisément surmontable

Good first hike of the year.

Good first hike of the year.

Great trail and amazing for kids too. I did this one twice already with my 8 & 3 years old and they loved it. My 3 years old keep asking to go back. At the end when he was getting tired of walking we were doing little games like « tag, the first to touch the sign or even races » this made it more fun and enjoyable for the kids on that way back. We will go back again

3 months ago

This is a great introduction to mountain climbing. The first part is really a walk in the wood but after 45 min it starts to climb and you’ll get the heart pumping for 30 min... great view of the Richelieu river and Montreal in the background. Overall a 2h30 Trail ride.

Superbe point de vue rendu au sommet!

Belle randonnée. Demande un peu de cardio. Les plus en forme peuvent le faire en joggant. Offre plusieurs sentiers. C'est le mont le plus près de la rive sud qui représente un certain défi. Le sommet Dieppe offre plusieurs endroits pour relaxer en paix. Je préfère y aller la semaine. Bâtons utiles pour la descente. Praticable dans les 4 saisons

Heavily trafficked and family friendly. Not for experienced hikers.

Really nice place for a family hike... it's als very affordable for a family ... and the kids loved it... the trail in the forest is so quiet and peaceful

Good trail map and instructions. Great view at the peak. Multiple viewpoints. The lake is a must see although you cannot swim in it

Adorable comme toujours. Vue imprenable de la ville et ses alentours. bon Cardio nécessaire pour la montée, surtout si vous passez par la rue vers Campbell. Bâtons très utiles pour la descente.
À refaire... encore.

C’est la trail qui monte le plus rapidement. On aime bien commencer par le pain desucre et faire le tour.

Nice Trail easy to follow! Beautifull forest i recomend,

Beautiful park, with different trails to choose from.

très agréable comme hiking !

Entry cost:
2$ under 17
7$ over
address is actually McGill Rd not beique
lots of fun trails there !!
well indicated.
great mountain top view of the city (see Montreal and St jean)
no dogs
moderate hike
lots of hills and rocks especially at the end.
nice little beach (not swimable)

A nice park with beautiful scenery and lots of wildlife.

on Rocky Loop

5 months ago

Tall trees overshadowing pretty much the entire hiking trail. Very little sun trickling through. The last 20 minutes or so were more difficult as the trail steepness and rockiness increased. Overall, 3.5 stars. The view from the top was
what I wanted and it did not dissapoint.
Looking forward to it once more in the fall without all that foliage overhead.

Nice challenge for starters. The red and blue trail are the hardest

J adore cet endroit. Tout près de Montréal, la Rocky Rouge, une montée de 4,9km. Super agréable.

Really hard if you are a beginner but really fun to do with friends!

6 months ago

Allez y tôt le matin si vous voulez éviter les foules. Frais d'entrée de 7$ (adulte). Vous pouvez vous poser au sommet le temps d'une collation mais souvent achalandé et un peu moins reposant. Vue sur Montréal côté est et sur le Richelieu.

Belle piste familiale ou en amoureux facile un peux plus ardu le denier demi kilomètre. Facile accès

Très belle journée, n’arrivez pas passé 10h30 car vous aurez un trafic jam pour se rendre. Nous avons combiné Dieppe car pas assez long. Belle vue au sommet pour picnic. Je recommande au famille avec des enfants de plus de 7 ans.

There was lots of traffic when I went hiking with friends, making the trail take a bit longer than usual. There were multiple summits along the way with a progressive panoramic view which was fun. The first 4 km (approx) was very easy. Signage was great and the trail was quite clear, even in the more rocky areas. On our way back, we took a 0.8 km detour to the lake which was quite stunning!
Unfortunately we could not complete the full trail as many routes were closed half way. The entrance listed all routes being open so many people on the track were quite confused why we had to turn around at a certain point, it was quite disappointing. There was no reason provided (perfect weather so not sure what it could've been).
I was surprised that there was a $7 entrance fee (per adult) as I did not come across this cost online, and I feel like a parking fee would've been fair instead.
Overall I would list this hike as 'easy' instead of 'moderate'. Barely any elevation, straight and clear trails.

Starts easy and gets tougher as you go so the arrival at the top is rewarding. The view is really nice and spreads really far, you can see Montréal’s olympic stadium from there. There’s enough room so you could easily enjoy a little lunch with a view around the chickadees. My advice would be to get there early. As I started hiking down at 11AM, a lot of people were coming up.

8 months ago

Lots of people ! 14$ for 2 !

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