The hike is a little rough but the view up there is completly incroyable. It is a 360° view so you can't miss anything around you. I've been there five times and it is probably one of my favorite mountain to hike!

8,75$ CAN / adult (if it's still correct)
free / 17 years old and less

The trail is very wide in the beginning and looses its natural look. The same thing happens near the end where you have to climb loads of steps to go to the summit. Other than that, the view at the top is amazing and the hike is fun and accessible! A must if you are in Quebec!

5 months ago

Nice trail with beautiful scenic views. Perfect for snowshoes as well. Awfully windy and chilly at the top during winter.

9 months ago

The northern part of the trail is amazing. From the summit and down from the southern part of the trail isn't so fun though. The trail is very wide and not challenging, and there are lots of people.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Nice loop trail around a cascading creek. My 9 year old daughter had no trouble completing this trail with me

on Les Cascades

Friday, July 17, 2015

Utilisez l'application de la Sepaq (explorateur parc) pour les points d'intérêt. L'information fournie est pertinentes.

Prévoir 8.50$/adultes pour accès au parc d'une journée