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Fait 27 mars 2018,sentier peu fréquenté, crampons requis

6 months ago

Great hike especially with Autumn colours!
It rained the passed days so it was a bit muddy but not difficult though.
Pretty crowded at this period of time.
View points are worth it and they are not only at the top!
Definitely compatible for family hike.

We went, based on 'kid friendly' reviews, with an 8 year old. This is about as far from kid friendly as I can imagine. There are places where there IS NO TRAIL, just sheer rock! There are roots and rocks all along the path, don't be fooled by the lovely rock step photos you see online, it's not like that the whole way. The descent is just as hard as the ascent. There is no way for a vehicle to access you in case of emergency. Trail length varies depending on the information source, we were expecting 4 hours and 8km and all in it was 14km and 7 hours. Other than giving birth it was the most physically challenging thing I've ever done! We eat healthy, are relatively fit and we struggled - I never would have gone with an 8 year old had I known it was going to take that long or be that demanding. If you're looking for a challenge, go for it, I prefer walks in the woods where you can actually look at the landscape instead of watching the path the whole time so you don't get hurt on a rock or root!

Great trail, great views!

First time serious hiking, great introduction.

Great afternoon hike! Went East around the loop as was recommended to me by the ranger. Easier ascent that way. The hike itself is all through woods, which was nice on a warm day with very little breeze like today. It is a quite moist trail, so there were lots of bugs that seemed to have no spacial awareness. It got old after awhile. The views were awesome, particularly at the summit. It's only a few extra steps off the loop, so don't bypass it. It was my favorite part! Lots of roots and rocks and uneven terrain. Hiking poles are not necessary, but would be helpful.

8 months ago

Nice swim in the lake after.

Very nice hike, not too crowded, nice elevation.

Lovely hike! My 12 year-old son plowed through it!

Very nice hike. Well maintained trail. Went after rain and quite muddy and slippery so be careful. With the loop at top it was closer to 9 mi than the 7.9 stated.

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Monday, November 07, 2016

Great hike! Quite a strenuous climb, but the views are tremendous and the trail is very peaceful.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Très belle randonnée à faire en famille. Peut être un peu moins adapté pour les jeunes enfants.
Je dirais 8-9 et plus ok.
Le début avec la montée de la piste de ski du Mont Orford est exigeante pour le cardio. ceux qui aime seront ravis.

Saturday, July 30, 2016


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Very nove trail with beautifull point of views .

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

beau sentier avec vue

Longueur: 13,7 km
Durée approximative: 4h30
Linéaire (aller-simple)
Altitude: 740 m
Dénivelé: 533 m
Difficulté: Difficile
Le mont Orford est situé à l'ouest du mont Giroux, à l'est du mont Sylvio-Lacharité et au sud du mont Alfred-DesRochers, qui l'entourent tous les trois. Il est au nord-est du lac Orford, qui se trouve juste à ses pieds. Du mont Orford s'écoulent trois ruisseaux : ruisseau du Versant, ruisseau Des Chênes, ruisseau Giroux et un autre dont on ne voit pas de nom sur la carte du mont Orford. Le ruisseau du Versant s'écoule vers le sud. Entre le mont Orford et le mont Sylvio-Lacharité s'écoule le ruisseau Des Chênes qui s'écoule en direction sud-ouest. Deux autres ruisseaux s'écoulent entre les monts Orford et Giroux : le ruisseau Sinueux qui s'écoule vers le sud-est et le ruisseau Giroux qui s'écoule vers le nord-est. Un autre petit cours d'eau s'écoule entre le mont Orford et le mont Alfred-DesRochers. La route des Diligences contourne le mont Orford par le sud par un chemin tout en contournant le lac Orford à la fois de l'autre côté.

les sentier sont tres bien balisé et entretenu car c'est une SEPAQ. ca vaut le cout de prendre une passe annuel puisque plusieurs autres sommets sont situé dans des sepaq aussi.

Bonne randonnée

Really great!!

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Saturday, May 23, 2015


Sunday, May 05, 2013

Great trail network for all levels through the provincial park (a nature reserve).

There is an entrance fee to access the park.

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