Assez difficile les 2 premiers km! Ensuite ça se fait bien. Vue à couper le souffle qui en vaut la peine! La descente est assez dur pour les genoux par contre.

Beau défi, assez long et difficile! La vue est impressionnante!

Nous l’avons fait cet été avec notre fille de 1 an et demi en porte-bébé. Nécessite une bonne forme physique tout de même, des bâtons de marche ne sont pas superflus, surtout pour la descente. Nous avons dépassé au moins 3 randonneurs expérimentés qui ont eu beaucoup de misère à la descente car c’est dur pour les genoux.

Magnifique randonnée, prévoir un bon gilet chaud pour en haut, il y avait 12 degrés de différence au mois de juillet! Tuque et polar étaient le bienvenue :)

A little crowded but most people stop at the first two levels. if you go all the way to the top bring something to put on your shoulders as it gets a little cold and windy. the view from the top is amazing. make sure you follow the signs because theres more to see once youre up there. was a very fun day i loved it.

I love this one even though some rocky parts are more difficult than others. The views over the valley are all gorgeous!

Amazing hike. Do all the summits once on top!!

Good trail quite crowded though but it was a gorgeous day though. The rust 3 km are the hardest. Lots of rock in the pathway. The 3 summits have beautiful view, bring some warm clothes when you arrive at the top as it is a bit colder and windy !

Bonne et belle randonnée ! Peut être fait par les débutants mais doit avoir une bonne condition physique

7 months ago

this trail was amazing. loved the view at the three summit. the only negatif thing i can say is its the same trail to go up as to gi down. my cardio worked from beginning to end. need to do it atleast once in a life time.

8 months ago

The highest climb in the area. The first 2 km are the most demanding, after you pass those, it gets easy. Quite a busy trail although it's far from the busy centers. I really enjoyed it for a local hike.

8 months ago

no dog friendly :(

It's a pretty steady climb the whole way, but the first 2k are definitely the hardest. The views at the top and a sense of accomplishment are worth it though. It was pretty crowded, so don't think you'll have peaceful, quiet, nature-time, but people were super friendly. It was pretty windy /cold on top despite the beautiful day, so make sure you have some layers with you. And don't underestimate your water needs! I went through 3L.

My first climb and it was a doozy, so glad to have done it!

Great hike in September. Beautiful weather

9 months ago

Spectacular hike. It is pretty intense on the way up but worth the effort. We completed it much faster than I expected. We stopped about 0.3 miles from the top because my boyfriend (now husband) ended up proposing and we figured we accomplished enough for the day :)

Awsome, best trail ever, make sure to have warm clothing at the top, ~ 10 degree celcius then the floor, good riding boots required.

The view is amazing. The first 2 km are the hardest. You have to make the 3 summits!

3 Summit next to each other

Beautiful view at the top! The first 1.5 kms are the most difficult. After that things get a bit flatter. Note there are 3 summits at the top. We only went to the first but if we had more time we would have continued on. Ascending the last 2 summits looked like it would have been challenging as the elevation climbs dramatically over a short distance. Have fun!

The view is just amazing!

9 months ago

Amazing view at the top. A little crowdy but worth it !

10 months ago

Wonderful hike.
Very progressive and serious elevation.
The S shaped path is well prepared but steep. A lot of rocks so sticks are welcome to go back.
The view is just amazing. Do not underestimate you water needs !

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Une vue magnifique.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Probably one of the best or the best hike in Quebec. Wonderful sight from the top.

15 days ago

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