Super randonnée, très difficile sur les 2 premiers kilomètres mais un très beau défi!

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6 days ago

I trail up to view point 3. Well marked out hike which is pretty much impossible to
Lose the trail. Pretty hard on the knees but well worth the effort. View point one and two are amazing.

Cette randonnée représente un réel défi au niveau de la montée, mais les efforts sont largement récompensés par la vue que l’on a une fois au sommet! Un MUST dans Charlevoix!!!

Hard to climb up and down but the view is totally worth it.

Amazing, hard work, worth every minute when you get to the top and enjoy the views from the three sommets.

Its definitely a must! My boyfriend & I workout regularly but not avid hikers! We did it in 5:15, including a 45 min lunch break at sommet 1 to soak up the gorgeous view! Straight up! It is difficult, especially the first 2K. Its a continuum of rock stairs that you keep climbing all the way up with some sporadic flat surfaces. But the reward of the three sommets’ view and satisfaction of conquering this trail is totally worth the adventure!

Difficult trail that is worth the view did it in 4.5 hours not including the time i spent on top. Also it is very worth doing the 3 peaks! I am athletic but definitely not in my best shape and have bad asthma and still managed in the 36c weather. Its a must if you are in the area

Un must au Québec

This trail is amazing! Took me 6 hours in that constant light rain! Wet leaves and branches were flooding my feet and shorts but it was worth it! I started with the Expert trail and took the sentier des chutes trail that goes all around from Gros mont to the parking!

I camped at the parking lot before going the day after! You can camp up there but for me 25km was something doable in a day and i had no point of view due to the mist all around the whole day (i have a curse in the past few days)! I have met the guy who dis all the trails!

He’s called Geatan and he was an amazing fellow! Tha k tou so much to have build that isolated circuit of trails in one the moat beautiful region of Quebec!

1 month ago

I’m a sportive person (yoga and climbing) but my stamina is not super good so I had to take quite a few mini breaks during the first 2k to catch my breath. After that I was totally fine! It was a nice 23 degrees with a breeze the day I was hiking. Doing all the three summits and taking a nice break (20-30 min), it took me about 5,5 hours in total. Gorgeous views and I also really liked the hike itself. Don’t forget your water, I went through over 2 liters!

Effectivement plus difficile lors des deux premiers kilomètres. Il manque certaines pancartes de kilométrage (il y avait juste 0.5, 1.5km, 3km et 5km...) On a du boire 3 litres d’eau chacune (il faisait environ 30 degrés celsius)

La vue au sommet est spectaculaire (attention au vertige!) Et le vent est très puissant, faut prévoir des vêtements en conséquence pour y dîner.

La descente est très dure sur les genoux! Les bâtons sont d’une grande utilité.

We did that hike yesterday and it was absolutely beautiful. First kilometer is steep with high steps but than it gets easier. Last part is less steep than the firts part, but you have to scramble on the rocks when you reach the first, second and third summit. The descent can be really hard on the knees, especially in the last part going down (what was the first kilometer). There’s also a nice little river/waterfall with refreshing water in the first half (if you get too hot!!) Toilets halfway!

Perservere through the first couple of kilometres, because they’re the hardest, but km #3 is a nice break! Took us about 5 hours round-trip, including our picnic at the top! Even if you can only make it to summit #1, it’s totally worth it! That said, summit #2 and #3 are also amazing and if you can keep going to get to them, definitely recommend it!

2 months ago

(French version will follow)

This trail was a really interesting challenge.

As many people already said, the first kilometers are a test with your inner leadership. So is the last kilometer and half.
Trust me, your calves will be hot enough to start a fire.

There's also a main difficulty who wasn't mentionned by people : being a short hiker. By that, I want to mean how this trail can be a pain in the a** for people under 5'3".
There's river to cross, some snow and lot more.

Overall, this trail totally worth the physical effort.


Cette randonné offre un défi très intéressant pour le randonneur, à condition qu'il soit en bonne forme.

Comme plusieurs l'ont mentionné, les premiers kilomètres sont particulièrement arides. Le dernier stretch et demi l'est également.

Une grande difficulté qui n'a pas été abordé par les randonneurs, c'est la difficulté que peuvent rencontrer les gens de tailles inférieures à 5'3". Il y a d'importants escarpements, des bouts de rivière à traverser, de la neige, etc.

Malgré tout, cette randonnée en vaut totalement l'effort!

2 months ago

The first 2km or so are quite difficult, but the last part is not too bad. The views are spectacular and well worth the climb. Bring a sweater and a hat for the top, especially if you want to spend more than a couple minutes up there. It’s definitely worth it to do all three summits, all views are gorgeous.
We climbed it late May and there was still plenty of snow, so good hiking boots are a must. Bring a lot of water from outside, the water at the base center is not drinkable.

Assez difficile les 2 premiers km! Ensuite ça se fait bien. Vue à couper le souffle qui en vaut la peine! La descente est assez dur pour les genoux par contre.

Beau défi, assez long et difficile! La vue est impressionnante!

Nous l’avons fait cet été avec notre fille de 1 an et demi en porte-bébé. Nécessite une bonne forme physique tout de même, des bâtons de marche ne sont pas superflus, surtout pour la descente. Nous avons dépassé au moins 3 randonneurs expérimentés qui ont eu beaucoup de misère à la descente car c’est dur pour les genoux.

Magnifique randonnée, prévoir un bon gilet chaud pour en haut, il y avait 12 degrés de différence au mois de juillet! Tuque et polar étaient le bienvenue :)

A little crowded but most people stop at the first two levels. if you go all the way to the top bring something to put on your shoulders as it gets a little cold and windy. the view from the top is amazing. make sure you follow the signs because theres more to see once youre up there. was a very fun day i loved it.

I love this one even though some rocky parts are more difficult than others. The views over the valley are all gorgeous!

Amazing hike. Do all the summits once on top!!

Good trail quite crowded though but it was a gorgeous day though. The rust 3 km are the hardest. Lots of rock in the pathway. The 3 summits have beautiful view, bring some warm clothes when you arrive at the top as it is a bit colder and windy !

10 months ago

Bonne et belle randonnée ! Peut être fait par les débutants mais doit avoir une bonne condition physique

10 months ago

this trail was amazing. loved the view at the three summit. the only negatif thing i can say is its the same trail to go up as to gi down. my cardio worked from beginning to end. need to do it atleast once in a life time.

11 months ago

The highest climb in the area. The first 2 km are the most demanding, after you pass those, it gets easy. Quite a busy trail although it's far from the busy centers. I really enjoyed it for a local hike.

11 months ago

no dog friendly :(

It's a pretty steady climb the whole way, but the first 2k are definitely the hardest. The views at the top and a sense of accomplishment are worth it though. It was pretty crowded, so don't think you'll have peaceful, quiet, nature-time, but people were super friendly. It was pretty windy /cold on top despite the beautiful day, so make sure you have some layers with you. And don't underestimate your water needs! I went through 3L.

11 months ago

My first climb and it was a doozy, so glad to have done it!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Great hike in September. Beautiful weather

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