3 months ago

The trails are well taken care of. The walking trails and bike trails occasionally cut through each other, so seeing a biker is like Bigfoot running through the trees. There also seems to be skiing in the winter and a biathlon which includes .22 plinking. The only reason it's not 5 stars is that there were no hand maps and the routes are like a maze intersecting. This is a great walk for relaxing with the occasional mound to walk over.

Love these trails. there super awesome. there's also a couple of moderate DH trails on the ski hill it's self

mountain biking
4 months ago

They have built more trails at Brookvale in the past year. The new trails add great flow and do a nice job connecting the different sections of single track. You can make your ride whatever you want. Go for half an hour or three.

mountain biking
Sunday, August 14, 2016

One of my favorites on PEI. Fairly rooty with moderate flow. There are more trails than shown on the map. Good for 1-2 hours. Not sure the total mileage but it's much more than listed above. My last ride was 1 1/2 hours and there is a lot more there.

mountain biking
Friday, July 31, 2015