Love this trail. Markers are well displayed. But it’s also fun to “get lost” and discover hidden secrets. Always finding a new route on this trail!

11 days ago

Nice quiet trail on mid-week morning.

This was a pretty decent trail in terms of its moderate ranking, the nature it offers, and the workout. This trail goes pretty deep into a forest and isn't marked very well. I came across a few people who were a little lost; the directions on this app were the only thing that saved me and I still got off track ! You're rerouted by a sign put up from U of T doing research. On that reroute I became disoriented and eventually had to go off trail into the area I wasn't supposed to be in in the first place ! I enjoyed this trail and will probably go again. Advice: take your phone, be mindful of tick bite prevention, and maybe if you're a woman don't go alone like I did ! Because when I went it wasn't trafficked and you go pretty deep into a forest where it gets dark and desolate.

One of my fav trails. I usually park at the Tim Hortons on Hwy 89 and go either north or south. Both ways are GREAT! I take my leash. Lots of rivers for him to swim in and drink from. 3km x 2 either way.

I also park at the Veterans road entrance and hike to Thornton and back. 3km x 2 there as well.

One day I will hike the full length from Innisfil Beach road to Cookstown.

1 month ago

Pretty easy and fun for 80% of the trail - then the stairs back up to the entrance is a good final push, also it’s easy to get lost along the way but you’ll find your way eventually .

Good for all ages

Amazing trail lots of paths to chose I enjoyed the landscapes and different species and plants. It’s a good walk up and down the hills. I recommend this site

not sure why it's rated moderate, I'd consider it pretty easy, but then I'm also used to steep mountain hikes in the west. none the less, great scenery and a great way to recharge if you're needing that nature break away from town.

1 month ago

The hills and stairs were great exercise. Not marked the best but had a great time finding our way!

Great trail and fairly maintained. Lots of hills and nice trees. A lot of people keep their dogs off leash but they shouldn't be as it's an on leash area.

this Trail was about 45 minutes north of Toronto and we did about a 4 km walk. there are lots of ups and downs and it's really hard to believe you're so close to downtown. We went on April 22nd and there was still a fair bit of snow and ice but the temperature was around 12 degrees C and beautiful for a walk. Will come back again.

someone said the trail is paved. it's not. flat packed gravel mostly. formerly railway. cool history. take it all the way to Cookstown.

This trail has been a favourite for years - it’s hilly (“99 steps”) and they’ve done some maintainence over the years so it’s much easier at the beginning however this is not a light stroll. It’s hilly and if winter - slippery and involves some creative moves across the terrain :) Will definitely get your heart rate up. Lovely space for a family walk, a date, a stroll, for dogs too.

snow packed trails some muddy spot. Nice hike

watch out with winter hikes, slopes are difficult to navigate,but still doable with minimal ice.

Great trails, amazing views . Does have a lot of hills and rough terrain but love it. A little muddy in some parts , and they do need to come in and remark some of the areas. I found many people were getting lost from the Bathurst entrance ( I parked at the 19th side rd ). Blue trail turns to White markers near the end . Over all great like will defiantly do it again.

At the entrance of the trail there is a sign indicating that ticks are present in the area. Enter at your own risk.

Lovely forested area. Most of the main trail is wide, well-marked, and fairly easy. There are a couple of steep grades and other smaller trails tat are not marked. Unfortunately, the main trail was closed at major sections, so I could not complete the loop. I didn't see the waterfall or pond, but perhaps those are on the closed sections.

A little confused about the trail map - first half was clearly marked then trail got narrow and a bit overgrown but it was the actual trail on your map. Gorgeous tall, old maple forest - lots of hills and valleys. ❤️

nice forest, few visitors, poor signage

Great easy trail, flat

trail running
11 months ago

Paved Trail with km markers, good for running with dog

It's a great set of trails: slippery but gorgeous in winter, buggy but gorgeous in summer, and stunning in the spring and fall. The only downside, unfortunately, is as others have noted (thought it was only me that was bothered by this) that *very few* dog owners follow the dogs on leashes sign. It's not an off-leash dog park and with so many dog-walkers, it can feel like that to anyone just trying to hike, or with an on-leash dog or skittish kid, and not interested in your "he's well trained and only wants to say hi" dog. It can also get very busy, but hitting the side trails with higher elevation changes tends to fix that.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

A bit boring when going through the fields.

Flat and great for bikes. The apple trees were in full bloom!

Short but fun!

very different in winter then fall// many locals walk dogs off leash.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Love these trails!!! Dogs are exhausted by the end of it! Every season looks splendid here.

Run in snow for 2 loops.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Hiking shoes are a must. Some mud - some hills - overall a very moderate trail with great views.

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