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I was really disappointed! I paid $10 for 4 hours and a bit further down the trail i noticed a bunch of free parking spots. Also the entire path was asphalt and flat idk how it made it to moderate difficulty. It was literally a walk in the park.

One of the best trail systems in the city! Heavily forested and secluded and an awesome spot for mountain biking!

One of the best mountain biking trail! Did not expect such trail to exist in the middle of a busy city. It was my first time riding the trail but will definitely not be the last.

The trail I rated 4 stars at before, but in nowadays I only rate it one star because of the $2.5 hourly parking fee.

The trail shown on here doesn’t match the actual trail. The parking for the park isn’t at the start at the trail which was annoying. It was hard to pick up the trail and once on it I definitely just went around the same area a few times. Kinda just stayed in the middle of the trail never got close to either end. It is not well marked at all and is very confusing due to there being a lot of paths that cross and no marking to show which way to go. While it is very pretty scenery wise, the trail is also a easy hike.

beautiful trail with greenery and wildflowers. definitely a treasure in the city

part of the trail is currently closed due to construction. Very short walk.

One is the best in Ontario

Visit there from time to time for trail running. It is a moderate hiking trail in most of the area but some area can be hard with narrow beside cliffs (although the cliff only 50 to 75 ft), muddy, full of stones and tree roots steep as 40 to 50 degree climb elevation. The map didn't completely showing everything. This time I do a trail running in circle with bunny run on the other side 2 weeks ago again. Some places are still wet, muddy and tree fell in 2 places. also some wood small bridges path has some losses. MTB, run or hiking if you don't mind some mud and a little bit off trail. Bunny run on the east side of the river is nice and dry.

Went Trail Running quite a few time (at least 5 times) over there in Winter and Summer. I only met one Trail Runner so far. 85% are MT Bikers. and 10% are hikers. Most of people bike/run/hike over the west side trail over because it is longer and connect to Crother Wood, Brick Works and then Lower Don Trail and so many trails and park. If you run slow like over 6:30 you shouldn't have problem. Part of the elevation is high and run is narrow, but yeah, just respect the trail and you should be fine. it is pretty now in the fall Sept to Oct. Rather I recommend the east side over the ET Seton park from Arrow shooting yard to the ET Seton park #3 park lot. It's elevation is higher. BTW, great scenes and challenging running.

Lots of great trails in this whole system.

Great for a fall hike to see some spectacular colours. The paved trails are good for all ability types. The wooded trails and neighbouring abandoned railway, quite beautiful but slightly more challenging, link up to the Evergreen Brickworks to enjoy a nice coffee and scenery before you make your way back. It's a regular favourite of ours.

Went MTBing here. The green/easy trails are pretty, running along the river and the train tracks and were easy enough. The blue/intermediate trails were on the more advanced side of intermediate. I've rode on intermediate trails all over the country and I had trouble on parts of it and had to walk my bike. Lots of steep inclines and downhills. Overall very pretty and lots of fun but if you are still getting your feet wet then stick to the green/easy trails.

Great dog walk... a bit loud on stretch following the Don Valley parkway... where you are sandwiched between the Don River and the parkway.. runs from Taylor Creek park to River Street...

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