Absolutely beautiful loved this trail and that it has many adjoining trails to explore ! a peaceful day in the woods! The only thing that will make it better is when I come on a day that isn't Saturday afternoon when apparently the dirt bakes Rw always going near by! The noise of them was a little off-putting when I wanted to hear only nature.... especially the frogs in the pond. other than that it is well marked and a beautiful place!

Great trail! Absolutely beautiful! Easy hike for all with tones of animals to see! My kids are 7 and 5 and loved it! We saw a snake, turtles, chipmunks and tones of birds.

Great trail! Lots to see

Excellent trail. Easy walking so not a trail to break a sweat on. Lots of trilliums to be seen!

Easy hiking. Fun sturdy walking bridge over water. A few lookout points. Easy trail for biking, walking and people of all ages.

Great trail for hiking, walking, biking etc. Lots of nature, eat. Trails aren't marked accept at plackets.

Lovely trails, nice and wide to accommodate walkers, strollers and bikes. Nicely marked with wildlife info. Easy walk - good for kids

nice trails. easy to navigate. the trails are nice and wide to accommodate social distancing. it was a somewhat busy..

My dog and I love the Springwater trails! We come here all the time! It’s also a great place for a nice bike ride!

Gorgeous trail. Well maintained and wide trails facilitating social distancing. Will return!

fun, easy, kid friendly.

Great trail but, there wasn’t enough signage to let you know where you are in the trail. But great trail overall.

Easy walking/hiking conditions.

great for an easy walk.

Cutting down trees

Good family hike, well maintained trails. They have been taking trees down on the south side of the trail

Well groomed. One tree down covering path. Bugs are pretty bad

This trail was very well maintained and was wide enough for me and my dog! Lots of tree cover for shade and lots of wildlife! We saw more chipmunks than I could count! There was a school field trip there so there were many children around. They didn’t travel the whole trail so we lost them pretty quickly! Saw a few bikers and a couple people walking their dogs. It was lovely!

A 2nd bathroom partway thru the trail would be a wonderful addition for parents or pregnate mom's

Always a pleasant walk. There's a park for the kids.

Great trail, but cyclists please slow down

We really enjoyed this trail. Well maintained with a beautiful canopy of trees. There are plaques throughout the trail showing you where you are which was super helpful. Don't forget to bring a toonie to drop into the yellow donation box at the entrance! Great hiking trail!

mountain biking
Wed Aug 22 2018

this trail is simply amazing. I go through all of the springwaters trails almost every day because I live a few km away from it. It's also a great exercise if you try to bike through all of the trails in one go. but it's worth it. it's just a very nice and well maintained place.

Beautiful trail. Tall trees

got up early for a holiday Monday. We took the dog and went for a nice easy walk through the trail. Lots of chipmunks and even seen a gardener snake. not too many people on the trail which was nice . Weather was perfect. Easy hike for anyone looking to just walk around in nature without breaking a sweat.

Great trail for family bike ride. Well maintained, nice scenery. Will be back!

A beautiful hike in a very old forest. My family goes every spring and fall.

mostly love it because it's close to home. I walk the dogs here almost every day

Well maintained trail. Great for families or for moms with strollers. Lots of dogs.

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