LOVED this hike. The bright blue trail markings made this 5 k hike so much easier. The views along the lake are impressive. There is a fabulous rock cut spot over looking the lake to stop, sit, and enjoy the quiet beauty. Once you get past the lake area the remainder of the trail is a series of small hill climbs, through very winding trails. Views of the area , some marshlands and forest. The trail is definitely moderate and was a great workout. Saw 1 deer, 1 snake and area was bug free today.
Note. I initially turned into the Dark Sky observation lot. Not the conservation area. Watch the signs carefully. Can’t wait to go back when the leaves are changing
UPDATE- Loved this trail so much I went back to try it again. This time I went counter clockwise from the parking lot which allowed me to end my hike with a extended picnic on the rocks over looking the lake. From there is was only 25 min back to the parking lot.