Good quick hike with dog park. Areas for communal eating. Great for harvesting puffballs.

4 months ago

Upon entrance, don't be fooled by the parking booth, as it is no longer occupied, and therefore, there are no envelopes to pay for parking. Instead, continue driving straight along the gravel road until you reach the parking lot. Once there, you may begin along the trail, which is conveniently marked with several different signs designating different types of birds and forest. In addition, a green sign with bare feet mark the trail loop, so you won't get lost. Overall, the trail is well groomed (as well as the grounds) and the creek features a unique environment featuring amphibians, birds, and coniferous and deciduous trees. You will also find several sign posts and boards featuring interesting facts about the wildlife and environment in the area. Great for kids.

One of my faves. Hike it frequently. There's a surprisingly tough accent toward the middle/end of the kingfisher, but it's totally doable and there's a nice look out at the top to take a breather.

I hike this trail a lot. It's a great little trek. Lots of birds and evidence of other wildlife. Well-maintained and scenic trail.

The scanlon creek trails are the nicest ones I know that are very close to Newmarket. The kingfisher loop has a few steep sections. The lake is now a creek, and while it can be a bit buggy at time, it does feel like true nature even though the suburbs are a short drive away. There were lots of birds calling when we went for a walk and the terrain was very interesting for the young children in our gang. A bit steep in a couple of sections. The discovery play garden is very fun for kids (especially the big boulder)

9 months ago

This is one of 4 trails at Scanlon Creek conservation area and quite beautiful.

easy but enjoyable hike!!

it's a good trail for grandma. She would have trouble with one little hill but the trail otherwise is very flat. Did see and hear chickadees...

Familiar/ lots of variety

10 months ago

plenty of trails to choose from. most are in the woods. well marked but couldn't find a trail map to see where individual trails led you.