Photos of Queen Elizabeth II Woodlands Provincial Park Trails

This was a great hike, great views at the lake, and a lot of ponds. We were there in mid-October, and there were no bugs then. The trail is labeled with blue markers throughout, but it is a bonus to have a map and/or location on your phone. We went off-track unintentionally twice. The first time was after the initial walk on the road, and onto the trail for a while. Instead of following the markers, we followed a wide path that others had made, but when that reached a dead end after 10 minutes with no markers along the way, we came back and found the trail again. That first detour was before the rocky climb down that other posts have mentioned. The second time was immediately after walking over the beaver dam, where there are not many markers after the dam, and we met one other couple in front of us that were also lost the same way. The trick after the beaver dam, is stay to the right along the water on the low side of the dam, until you find the next marker.

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